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Sexual Abuse

A master class in how not to write about the sexual abuse of a child by Bath Chronicle

The Bath Chronicle’s new article on a 21 year old man who is on trial for ‘having sex’ with a 14 year old is a master class in how not to write about sexual abuse: Man admits two-day sex sessions with girlfriend teenager, says age of consent law is “ridiculous” Harrasin-Worgan can claim the age more »

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16 Days of Activism: What you can do to support women’s services!

These are just a few of the ways that you can support women’s services during the 16 Days of Activism to Eliminate Male Violence against Women and Girls. Donate £1 to a specialist women’s service like the national organisations Rape Crisis, Women’s Aid, or Refuge. Donate £1 to your local service providers supporting women who are more »

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#PeepleApp puts actual people at risk of harassment, abuse, stalking and violence.

We woke up this morning to a Twitter feed full of women raising serious concerns about a new app called Peeple, which gives you the opportunity to rate people from 1-5 and write reviews. If this weren’t concerning enough when considering cyberbullying, users can upload profiles for other people using their mobile number. The owner more »

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Ministry of Justice: More worried about perpetrators of “Revenge Porn” than victims

Channel 4 recently aired a documentary on the criminal act of releasing intimate images without consent (revenge porn). During the broadcast, the Ministry of Justice helpfully tweeted out this poster:   We’re going out on a limb and assuming that the MOJ didn’t bother to consult with a single expert from the women’s sector since more »

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If we’re serious about ending men’s violence against women and girls, we need to listen to feminists

The UK’s lack of “a consistent and coherent approach to tackling violence against women”  has been criticised in an official report  by the UN special rapporteur, Rashida Manjoo .  In addition, last week Professor Sylvia Walby, UNESCO chair of gender research at Lancaster University, criticised official statistics for drastically under-representing the scale of  violent crime against more »

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The problem with scolding women who drink.

Since men decided to rape women world-wide by the hundreds and thousands the think piece writers of this world have decided that there was no way to stop them. They decided that each rapist is always some evil, hideous monster who was overcome with a terrible urge and simply could not resist. So instead they more »

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In the Know Campaign: why clarity is essential in rape campaigns

The “In the Know Campaign” is a very important campaign about rape which focuses on perpetrators and the legal definitions of consent. Personally, I’m not a fan of any campaign which suggests that men don’t understand consent – it’s not that men don’t understand, it’s just that they don’t think it applies to them. Men are more »

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Our campaign demands for the General Election

These are the 6 issues we will be raising with the various political parties and our individual MPs. Some of these issues will be easy to implement – such as the insistence that no woman ever be denied support due to migration status – others requirement serious commitment by political parties to ending male violence more »

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My Response to the Sexual Abuse Story on Emmerdale.

My Response to the Sexual Abuse Story on Emmerdale. 3 March 2015. By Susan Rose. Soaps, rather like Marmite, you either love them or hate them. As a bit of an addict myself to Corrie and Emmerdale, and I admit to EastEnders after their recent live and astoundingly BAFTA-worthy performances and script writing, soaps are more »

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