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Sexual Abuse

What happened here?

I feel guilty even posting about this, but two years ago my spouse and I helped organize a birthday party for a mutual friend (z). He booked a weekend at a rental and z started up a Facebook event page, where the activities planned included drinking, drugs, and very specific ideas like fanfic reading, hiking, more »

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My girlfriend blames me for my past sexual abuse

I am a female in year 11. When I was in year 8 a boy followed me home everyday for 2 months, come into my house and touch me in places I didn’t want him to. I would fight him off to my ability but he was much stronger and one day he attempted rape. more »

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Men’s intrusion: rethinking street harassment by Fiona Vera-Gray

To capture the impact of ‘street harassment’ on women’s sense of self, we may need to rethink our language to better fit the lived experience. … Attention to women’s experiences of intrusive men in public space is having something of a resurgence. Traditionally one of the most understudied yet commonly experienced forms of violence against women, more »

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Protect n Serve Who?

I worry everyday about a middle-aged, intelligent but socially awkward and nerdy white male who is a sociopath. He preys on the vulnerable; addicts and teenagers (or younger). Downloads spyware onto girl’s computers to remotely view n listen and masturbate Police told me it sounds too crazy and I sound like a jealous ex. If more »

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The case of Nate Parker: on rape culture in Hollywood

Nate Parker is an American actor, director, producer, and writer. His new film The Birth of a Nation premiered at Sundance Film Festival in January. Within days of the film festival, news of Parker’s involvement in a multiple perpetrator rape whilst attending Penn State, in which he was found not guilty, began to make the rounds of social more »

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Husband shames me for sexual assault but claims he doesn’t (content note for depiction of rape)

I requested to meet with a union official to discuss some issues and to socialize. We were supposed to only casually drink, but he was drinking straight hard alcohol. Soon enough he began touching me a lot and making a clear indication of his sexual motive. I kept pushing him away and freezing up every more »

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In the News: #predatorypeacekeepers

This week’s In the News was collated by Media Diversified’s #predatorypeacekeepers campaign When African children’s lives matter, perhaps ours will too by Guilaine Kinouani A few weeks ago, the AIDS-Free World’s Code Blue campaign, a Canadian AIDS charity, published a damming report which contained some highly troubling allegations. The charity alleged that UN and French troops in the more »

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#predatorypeacekeeprs: Action to address Sexual Exploitation and Abuse of Children

(cross -posted from #PredatoryPeacekeepers  created by Media Diversified)   We need your help to amplify the voices of those protesting on May 29th about the UN’s #PredatoryPeacekeepers Please help by clicking this link and supporting the campaign against French Troops and UN peacekeepers who have abused hundreds of children in Central African Republic and elsewhere This more »

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The UN’s Good vs. Bad Narrative Clears the Way for Sexual Violence and Impunity

A Blue Helmet’s job is, quite literally, to keep the peace. The UN peacekeepers whose nickname comes from their characteristic headwear, are supposed to protect people in countries torn apart by war. However a steady drip of accusations coming out of the Central African Republic (CAR) suggests it’s Blue Helmets who are the threat to civilian more »

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is it considered rape? (content note for graphic description)

I had fallen asleep early and woke up at 2 in the morning from many missed phone calls and text from the guy i use to have a thing with who also took my virginity. He called again so i answered to see why he was calling, he told me he was near my house more »

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