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“Brave victim speaks as vile York rapists are jailed. She says “I’m a survivor” and urges other victims to come forward”

*Trigger Warning* Rape; victim blaming “Brave victim speaks as vile York rapists are jailed. She says “I’m a survivor” and urges other victims to come forward” My friend sent me a link to an article the other day that infuriated her. It had the same effect on me too. Now that I am a little more »

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Victim blaming by legal professionals; why the English courtroom is unfit for women and children

This is an open letter to the Attorney General written by a supporter of our campaign. They will be sending a copy of this letter to the AG’s office in one week. If you would like to sign your name to the letter, please write it in the comments under the post. You can also more »

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Campaign for the mandatory briefing of jurors in sexual violence in rape, sexual assault & sexual abuse trials

  A survivor’s experience of the criminal justice system “My ex- partner walked free from court when he was found not guilty of raping and sexually abusing me. From the second I reported, I was told not to expect a guilty verdict IF it made it to court. I was fortunate in that my case more »

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We need a nuanced discussion of rape culture

(originally published in the Huffington Post) We need a nuanced discussion of rape culture: just as every single person who has stepped up to defend Judy Finnigan’s theory that Ched Evans wasn’t a violent rapisthas demanded this week. We need to discuss why convicted rapist Ched Evans is currently in talks, from prison, about a potential more »

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Why @SarahVine Is Wrong About Rape & Saying So Is Not “Monstering”

(cross-posted from Incarnationalrelational) I am all for nuance in debate and discussion – nuance can and should serve to provide richer and deeper understandings when exploring an idea, a situation, a problem. Nuance is good. In the last couple of days there has been much reaction to Judy Finnigan’s comments about the footballer Ched Evans case on more »

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David Aaronovitch’s and the “Classic Panic” over Child Sexual Abuse

We were extremely concerned when we read David Aaronovitch’s column “Let’s See Some Evidence. Then We Can Panic” published in the Times on July 10th. As a general rule of thumb, anyone who refers to public inquiries and investigative journalism into organised child sexual abuse rings as “paedogeddon” is already starting from a position of more »

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Jimmy Savile – Excuses, Cover-ups and Ignorance.

The information contained in the Jimmy Savile reports will not be a surprise to those who have been following this horrific case. Aside from sexually assaulting women & children who were both patients & staff of NHS facilities, it is clear that he sexually assaulted dead people – after being given unfettered access to the more »

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A Complaint to the BBC on coverage of the trials of Rolf Harris & Stuart Hall

(This was submitted via their online complaints site which has a limited number of characters) You have listed articles on the trials for child sexual violence of Rolf Harris, Stuart Hall and Freddie Starr under the heading of “entertainment”. These are not articles about entertainment. They are about 3 adult men charged with (or pending more »

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Newsnight coverage of the Max Clifford verdict

Dear Sue Douglas I watched you on Newsnight last night talking about the Max Clifford case. We heard in the report that he has been found guilty of eight indecent assaults on women and girls as young as 15. You failed to follow the National Union of Journalists guidance on how to cover violence against more »

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Rape is only ever enjoyed by rapists (content note for rape)

Content note: rape I was absolutely horrified to read this piece about Cheltenham Councillor, Barbara Driver, who stated that ‘when rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it’. I work with survivors and have yet to hear one say she ‘enjoyed’ being raped. I’m unclear as to whether Driver means that rape is inevitable, per more »

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