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Forget the victims, save all your sympathy for the poor overworked police: BBC

The BBC report on Dame Elish Angiolin’s independent review “Report of the Independent Review into the Investigation and Prosecution of Rape in London” with the classic headline Rape investigations ‘overwhelming burden’ on Met Police According to the BBC, the report includes 46 recommendations, which address areas including resourcing, improved training, enhanced victim care and changing the […]

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Police and Domestic Violence: What we’re not talking about

Media coverage of the two unnamed police officers who referred to a woman who was experiencing domestic violence as a ‘fucking slag’ and a ‘bitch’ in a conversation recorded by her voicemail has been intense. Much of it has been very clear about issues with the first investigation made by West Midlands Police which led Alex […]

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Police blame woman for her murder

Shikha Beniwal was murdered by her former husband Sunil Beniwal. He then killed himself. An intervention order taken out against Sunil Bengal expired four days before he chose to murder Shikha. This is what Homicide Detective Sergeant Paul Tremain said: “There was an intervention order taken out in 2012 which expired four days ago,” …. “These […]

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Max Clifford’s friend says he’s innocent

So Max Clifford gets found guilty at Southwark Crown Court and sentenced to 8 years in prison. His friend, Richard Hunt, UKIP member at national level is quoted as saying: “I don’t believe that the justice system is fair. He said to me ‘Why would they put him in prison for something he hasn’t done?’ […]

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Victim Blaming by Oxford Mail

I rarely visit local news outlets online websites. A link to an article stating the outcome to the inquiry into Thames Valley Police’s failings regarding the Oxford child rape gang was tweeted into my timeline so I followed to the Oxford Mail’s website to read the decision about how the police failed to protect a […]

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HMIC Report – Police Failing Women

This morning saw the release of the HMIC report on the failing by police forces to tackle domestic abuse. This is a national problem and the police are failing in their duty to protect the public. The number of women who experience domestic abuse are so high that it can be considered a pandemic. In […]

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HMIC Report into Domestic Abuse

The HMIC report into domestic abuse has been released today – and it contains few surprises to those working within the violence against women sector.Police forces fail when responding to domestic abuse – in fact, 4 forces have failed so badly that they have been asked to report separately in order to address their issues: […]

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Campaign Update: information from PCCs

As you are aware, we asked our supporters to contact their PCC and find out what they are doing about Domestic & Sexual Violence and Abuse. So far, most of the PCCs have assumed that we are requesting information under the Freedom of Information Act – and so have been able to decline our request, […]

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