Everyday Victim Blaming

challenging institutional disbelief around domestic & sexual violence and abuse


Dealing with a not guilty verdict

I was sexually assaulted by my babysitter when I was around 8 years old, the fact that I didn’t know exactly what age I was seemed to be of particular interest to the defence, but at that age I didn’t know what was happening let alone have the foresight to note the date or my more »

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Protect n Serve Who?

I worry everyday about a middle-aged, intelligent but socially awkward and nerdy white male who is a sociopath. He preys on the vulnerable; addicts and teenagers (or younger). Downloads spyware onto girl’s computers to remotely view n listen and masturbate Police told me it sounds too crazy and I sound like a jealous ex. If more »

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Husband shames me for sexual assault but claims he doesn’t (content note for depiction of rape)

I requested to meet with a union official to discuss some issues and to socialize. We were supposed to only casually drink, but he was drinking straight hard alcohol. Soon enough he began touching me a lot and making a clear indication of his sexual motive. I kept pushing him away and freezing up every more »

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A WOMAN’S STORY – a personal experience of the criminal justice system

We highly recommend this article: A Woman’s Story – My Personal Experience of going through the Policing and Criminal Justice System after being raped. Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre released this statement in conjunction: Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre has been honoured to work together with a woman who has used our services on A Woman’s Story. The woman, more »

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What matters in life to me after my voice is being constantly denied by the public bodies …

What matters in life to me after my voice is being constantly denied by the public bodies here and when i say things i’m then i’m punished by the public bodies for being out spoken this is my journey my plan to heal frim rape and abuse and my mental health difficulties to embrace my more »

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will abuse go from childhood abuse to domestic violence to institutional abuse

When we as survivors/warriors of abuse try to stand and say no more we leave our abusive families the first moment we can straight away to try and navigate a world full of fear full of life and try to understand and deal with our life full of distress. We as women and men fight more »

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it’s a shame that the human rights act in this country are not adherred to by the public bodies who are supposed to look after the vulnerable person

Does it seem that people with lived experience of mental distress don’t know their own minds and make choices for themselves and their lives. Are we all constantly being manipulated by others daily from the media in society as a whole. Being a victim of sexual assault rape child abuse you think I have suffered more »

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