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Our Values & Internalised Victim Blaming: An Open Discussion

Where do our values come from? Mine were instilled by my relatives, primary carers, educators and peers.  These values contribute to how we view domestic & sexual violence and abuse; they contribute to those internalised views that we hold, and those that we externalise to others. How many of us can honestly say, (and I […]

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‘They deserve all they get’; thoughts on victim blaming

This piece was first published here in November 2012. Unfortuately it is still very relevant – thanks to author for permission to cross post. The Guardian this weekend reports on one person’s reaction to the disclosures from victims of Jimmy Savile.  In referring to children at a residential, the interviewee states, “They didn’t tell me about […]

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Is masculinity to blame for men who murder their children?

I have written this post in response to an article in The Observer today, titled ‘Masculinity Crisis leads to family murder, according to new study.’ It is a short piece, which states that Birmingham City University criminologists have studied 59 men who between 1980 and 2012 killed their children and, sometimes, their wives as well. […]

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No one is to blame for your child abuse images ‘addiction’ other than yourself

Online child abuse addict: ‘I was curious about images of teenage girls on the internet – a bit like car crashes. There’s a fatal fascination’  was the headline of a piece that appeared in the Indy on Wednesday 23 July 2013. Firstly, I really don’t like the use of the car crash analogy here, car […]

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Review of Channel 4 programme “The Murder Trial”.

“The Murder Trial” detailed the retrial of Nat Fraser for the murder of his wife Arelene Fraser in 1998. This is a Scottish case so procedure is different in some respects to England & Wales and Northern Ireland but it was still a fascinating insight into a UK criminal trial. The programme featured footage from […]

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“I don’t believe it!”

I author a website concerned with child to parent violence: holesinthewall.co.uk. You might be interested in a post, written in January 2012, entitled “I don’t believe it!”. This discusses the way parents are not only held responsible for the abuse they suffer at the hands of their children, but are also sometimes directly punished for […]

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