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The myths our legal system buys into about perpetrators of domestic violence by Kasey Edwards

One of the most persistent and dangerous myths of domestic violence is that the perpetrators are good men who made ONE bad choice because their wife pushed them too far. It’s a neat little way of excusing male violence and rather unsubtly hinting that the female victims were the problem all along. A recent study more »

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Overt victim blaming on The Alan Titchmarsh Show

On Wednesday afternoon, when I got back from work I sat at my PC and watched the Alan Titchmarsh Show. I can’t say it’s something I’m proud of, but I was keen to see it as I knew Laura Bates of Everyday sexism was on the programme discussing whether or not sexism still exists. I more »

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Yes, I’m angry, but that doesn’t make me illogical: On victim-blaming

(This piece was originally published at Reading Medieval Books) Today – when I should have been looking for a house to rent for my new job – I read an article in the Guardian by Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett on the subject of victim blaming. It was provocatively titled “Have accusations of rape victim blaming gone too far?”. As more »

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Boyfriend was raped

A few days ago, my boyfriend’s boss took advantage of him. His boss is in a very high profile position and they were meeting for drinks to discuss my boyfriend’s “career.” His term at this position ends in one week, so it was also a sort of send-off. My boyfriend looked up to this person, more »

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The Grey Area of Rape (content note)

If you ask someone what Rape is, it may seem like a simple question. Rape is when you sexually assault somebody. But what is sexual assault? In my mind it seems to automatically jump to a scenario of full penetration with the victim screaming for the perpetrator to get off. When I hear those hushed more »

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letter to my ex

When I met you, you were warm and funny. You made me laugh; made me feel safe; talked about things I desperately wanted someone to talk to about. Stupid things and large, sweeping political things. You made sure I was ok. You helped me with things you knew I could do myself, but you wanted more »

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Reporting Rape to the Police

I am not sure why I placed such faith in the police to prosecute my ex-partner for sexual violence. I don’t know why I thought I would be different and they would help me when I reported historic rape. The actual rapes and sexual abuse may be historic in the sense that they happened approximately more »

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This thing about feminist self-defence

Ok, so I have to admit I’ve been watching Twitter blow up about feminist self-defence with growing irritation and frustration over the past couple of weeks. As I suppose 140 characters lends itself to, it seems to fast be becoming an argument with an ‘innovative’ ‘new idea’ and the suggestion that anyone questioning it holds more »

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Barriers to Reporting Rape.

Unfortunately my 15 year old daughter has experienced the ‘Barriers to Reporting’ and all I can say is thank god for the charity Rape Crisis! Getting help for my daughter to help cope after she was raped was an unnecessary fight – due to her age there was no domestic violence support available even though more »

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Complaint to BBC re: #R4Today July 1st 2014

We have sent the following comment in an email to feedback@bbc.co.uk. If you’d like to complain, please copy and paste the text into an email and send it to the BBC. The more complaints we can generate, the more likely we are to be heard. ******* I am writing with regard to the broadcast of more »

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