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Robert Tiffin killed Lisa Banks

Robert Tiffin killed Lisa Banks. He chose to emotionally abuse her and he chose to kill Lisa. Contrary to the sub-heading of an article in the Chronicle, no decision made by Lisa Banks led to her brutal murder: When Lisa Banks told loved ones she was going to marry Robert Tiffin they feared for her […]

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The murder of Bijan Ebrahimi

Sad. That, I guess, is my first and overwhelming response to the news, of the murder of Bristol resident, Bijan Ebrahimi. His crimes? Well, none. Or many, depending on how thoughtlessly you choose to caricature people and events. According to relatives, he was “a quiet, disabled man whose only joys in life came from his […]

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He didn’t just “snap”

When I read headlines on Domestic Violence and they contain the immortal words; “He Just Snapped” – it will very often contain the following; “out of character”, “isolated incident”. The reporting of Domestic Violence is not doing anything to stem the flow of misrepresentation about this crime. Type “He Just Snapped” into Google, watch the […]

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Research Request – Excuses, Excuses

We’re planning to write about mitigation used in court cases & we need your help! We’re looking for: Media reports where abusers used excuses for their behaviour (example – intoxication, debt, mental ill health – this is a good example) Research analysing the ‘mitigating factors’ used as part of a defence Court transcripts detailing mitigation […]

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What has happened to a victim centred approach in cases of domestic abuse in the English criminal justice system?

A domestic violence review comes after a number of high profile cases where protection for victims fell below expected standards. Why has it taken Home Secretary, Theresa May so long to commission Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) to carry out an inspection into how police forces are responding to domestic violence? Domestic violence is not a […]

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What do you have to do to break the Editors’ Code of Practice?

This was sent to us via email, by @zoesqwilliams.  It is the Press Complaints Commision response to the Daily Mail coverage of the Michael Philpott case. ************************** I write further to our recent correspondence regarding your complaint against the Daily Mail. As you will be aware, the Commission received a number of complaints under Clause […]

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Changes are happening – BBC article gets it right

The article “Criminologists identify family killer characteristics” by Melissa Hogenboom shows how to put the blame firmly and squarely where it belongs – with the killer. *********************** Men who kill their families can be separated into four distinct types.   British criminologists have made the assessment after studying newspaper records of “family annihilator” events over […]

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Our Values & Internalised Victim Blaming: An Open Discussion

Where do our values come from? Mine were instilled by my relatives, primary carers, educators and peers.  These values contribute to how we view domestic & sexual violence and abuse; they contribute to those internalised views that we hold, and those that we externalise to others. How many of us can honestly say, (and I […]

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Is masculinity to blame for men who murder their children?

I have written this post in response to an article in The Observer today, titled ‘Masculinity Crisis leads to family murder, according to new study.’ It is a short piece, which states that Birmingham City University criminologists have studied 59 men who between 1980 and 2012 killed their children and, sometimes, their wives as well. […]

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