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Press make it clear women remain possessions of men – even in death.

Helen Nicoll, 53, was found dead over the weekend from a gunshot. Police are investigating and have arrested a 53 year old man. At this moment, no further details have been released officially. The media, however, have felt it necessary to refer to Nicoll as the possession of her husband.: Independent: Wife of Harley Street […]

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Reeva Steenkamp Was Not Killed By Love. It Was Domestic Violence.

Today, Oscar Pistorious was found Not Guilty of the murder of Reeva Steenkamp. A verdict of culpable homicide was delivered. In the lead up to the verdict’s deliverance, Mark Williams-Thomas wrote for British newspaper, The Mirror, stating that he believed Pistorious’s version of events. Furthermore, he used his article to comment on Pistorious’s love for […]

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Ben Blakeley: A known and repeated abuser of women

Details of the cross examination of witnesses in the trial of Ben Blakeley have emerged, revealing once more the pervasive victim-blaming in cases of domestic violence against women. A known and repeated abuser of women Blakeley, 22, is on trial for murdering of his pregnant, 17-year-old girlfriend, Jayden Parkinson, in December last year. Blakeley, who […]

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Sympathy for the perpetrator, but not the victim.

A link to the article: “Arizona teen fatally shoots ex-girlfriend in murder-suicide: police” was sent to us this morning by a supporter. There are a number inappropriate words and quotes which culminate in sympathy for the perpetrator, Matthew Bolton (15), but not the victim Anastasia Greer (16). 1. The sub-heading refers to Bolton as “clean-cut”. […]

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