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Rape victims have a right to be believed by the police by @polblonde

For many years, women and girls who told the police they had been raped faced an uncertain outcome. In Rotherham and other English towns, underage girls were not believed when they said they had been targeted by gangs, and the abuse continued for years. In London, serious flaws in the handling of allegations led to cases more »

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Media surprised that ‘normal’ men are rapists.

4 British sailors have been charged with sexual assault causing bodily harm and group sexual assault whilst in Halifax, Canada for a hockey tournament. CBC News was shocked to discover that these 4 British soldiers did not decorate their social media sites with statements like “I’m a rapist” but that (t)heir social media posts show them more »

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Campus rape and victim blaming

Currently in the United States, 55 colleges are under federal investigation for their mishandling of sexual assault cases. One of these institutions, the University of Virginia (UVA), was the subject of a recent report in Rolling Stone magazine, recounting the brutal gang-rape of a woman in a fraternity house, and her inability to get her more »

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