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Martin Daubney

This is why Martin Daubney is wrong about “laddism culture”

It’s safe to say that we are not huge fans of Martin Daubney at EVBHQ what with his insistence on dismissing sexual violence as girls and women “over-reacting” and moaning about how men aren’t allowed to say hello to a woman without being arrested. Daubney believes women-only spaces are “reverse prejudice” and that there is […]

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Martin Daubney misses the point completely when talking about sexual harassment

Martin Daubney has written yet another one of his articles dismissing women’ experiences of sexual violence insinuating that sexual harassment is just women over-reacting. The arrogance and male entitlement in Daubney’s article is breathtaking; as is his clear lack of understanding of rape culture. Wolf-whistling is misogyny in action. It is not a compliment, nor […]

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