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I’m not sure how to cope (content note)

I came across this website looking for ways to cope and I figured I’d share here. It’s much easier for me to write about this than talk about it out loud. I haven’t necessarily been blamed so maybe this isn’t the right placed to post but I am in need of getting these feelings out. more »

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My girlfriend blames me for my past sexual abuse

I am a female in year 11. When I was in year 8 a boy followed me home everyday for 2 months, come into my house and touch me in places I didn’t want him to. I would fight him off to my ability but he was much stronger and one day he attempted rape. more »

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‘All day, everyday’: where is the protection against violence in schools and universities?

Women all over the world have used human rights law, whether domestic or in the international treaties, to challenge their Governments when they were not recognizing and respecting women’s human rights. Women lawyers have over decades used the core human rights treaties creatively to show governments that women’s bodies, freedom and dignity are as entitled more »

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Men’s intrusion: rethinking street harassment by Fiona Vera-Gray

To capture the impact of ‘street harassment’ on women’s sense of self, we may need to rethink our language to better fit the lived experience. … Attention to women’s experiences of intrusive men in public space is having something of a resurgence. Traditionally one of the most understudied yet commonly experienced forms of violence against women, more »

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Follow up to – you blamed the wrong person

Follow up to my post earlier this year. http://everydayvictimblaming.com/personal-experiences/you-blamed-the-wrong-person/ I decided to fight back. My company sacked me in May. He was never even suspended, despite admitting sending me a picture of his erection. My employer said that is not sexual harassment as he said I asked for it. Financially it has almost destroyed me more »


In the news: coercive control and rape culture

Stanford Sexual Assault Case Survivor Emily Doe Speaks Out via @glamourmag  … From the beginning, I was told I was a best case scenario. I had forensic evidence, sober un­biased witnesses, a slurred voice mail, police at the scene. I had everything, and I was still told it was not a slam dunk. I thought, more »

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i am so tempted to blame my girlfriend, but i know very well it is wrong

i do post comments on this forum with another pseudonymn, and i am 100% against victim blaming. however i find myself torn between radical honesty (which has always been my hallmark) and sheer hypocricy (if i go against what i have always required from others). i have a special kind of job (military) that keeps more »

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