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BBC : “Husband murdered wife who left him”

“Husband murders wife who left him” – BBC News The murderer of Caroline Parry was her former husband whom she had left after enduring 27 years of abuse from him. The article gives examples of his extreme emotional and psychological abuse, controlling behaviour, and his obsessive response to her eventually leaving him to live with more »

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Let’s have a headline about drunkenness and underpants – Wouldn’t that be funny?

If you ever doubted that male violence against women is laughed at, minimised or normalised by the media – then consider this Headline  ‘Drunk East Lancs man breaks order by stripping to underpants and jumping into bed with ex’ The actual story is – A young woman obtained a non-molestation order ‘following an alleged assault more »

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Press Release: Potential Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Westminister

We welcome an open inquiry into the allegations of a cover up of child sexual exploitation, assault  and rape within Westminister, however, any inquiry must put the needs of victims first which includes a right to privacy and the choice to testify. We would also ask that all parties involved in the inquiry undertake specialist training more »

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This thing about feminist self-defence

Ok, so I have to admit I’ve been watching Twitter blow up about feminist self-defence with growing irritation and frustration over the past couple of weeks. As I suppose 140 characters lends itself to, it seems to fast be becoming an argument with an ‘innovative’ ‘new idea’ and the suggestion that anyone questioning it holds more »

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Complaint to BBC re: #R4Today July 1st 2014

We have sent the following comment in an email to feedback@bbc.co.uk. If you’d like to complain, please copy and paste the text into an email and send it to the BBC. The more complaints we can generate, the more likely we are to be heard. ******* I am writing with regard to the broadcast of more »

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Ben Blakeley: A known and repeated abuser of women

Details of the cross examination of witnesses in the trial of Ben Blakeley have emerged, revealing once more the pervasive victim-blaming in cases of domestic violence against women. A known and repeated abuser of women Blakeley, 22, is on trial for murdering of his pregnant, 17-year-old girlfriend, Jayden Parkinson, in December last year. Blakeley, who more »

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Jimmy Savile – Excuses, Cover-ups and Ignorance.

The information contained in the Jimmy Savile reports will not be a surprise to those who have been following this horrific case. Aside from sexually assaulting women & children who were both patients & staff of NHS facilities, it is clear that he sexually assaulted dead people – after being given unfettered access to the more »

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Sexual Pleasure & Orgasm during abuse and / or rape.

(Content Note – non-graphic description of sexual pleasure during sexual abuse) We’ve noticed a running trend in our website searches recently, and we wanted to address what appears to be a gap in the information our site provides. The topic is still considered ‘taboo’, and very rarely spoken about. We’d like to help change that, more »

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Victim Blaming: A response to a comment submitted to our site.

The following is a comment posted on our site. We have redacted all identifying information and have chosen not to link it to the original post. Instead, we’d like to address the victim blaming within the response. Obviously, the responder was upset to discover that what they felt was good advice was understood as victim more »

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