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We need a nuanced discussion of rape culture

(originally published in the Huffington Post) We need a nuanced discussion of rape culture: just as every single person who has stepped up to defend Judy Finnigan’s theory that Ched Evans wasn’t a violent rapisthas demanded this week. We need to discuss why convicted rapist Ched Evans is currently in talks, from prison, about a potential […]

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Wright is Wrong with his Doublespeak: rape is rape

Rape, Wright describes as ‘unpleasant.’ The OED defines ‘unpleasant’ thus: adjective Causing discomfort, unhappiness, or revulsion; disagreeable: an unpleasant smell the symptoms are extremely unpleasant I hereby challenge Wright to tell a survivor that what happened to her was ‘unpleasant’. The legal definition of rape under Section 1 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 is […]

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