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David Smith

Alas Smith and Tones: the ongoing inappropriate reporting of the Pistorius murder tiral

I had really hoped that I wouldn’t have to be writing about the appalling highly subjective reporting of the Pistorius murder trial again, however, after reading today’s Guardian online (the Observer) article, I felt compelled to boot up the laptop regarding David Smith’s latest offering. Today’s choice headline is: So, the brutal and violent killing of Reeva […]

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The art of embellishing the histrionics of Pistorius

It’s grim enough hearing about Pistorius’s histrionics in court, but embellishing them is not reporting the facts. It is sheer bias. Exhibit number 1, I give you the Guardian’s Africa correspondent, David Smith, who has been reporting on the trial. Smith appears to be getting carried away with his prose in what reads more like […]

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