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New CPS Domestic Homicide Guidance

“Last week saw the publication of new legal guidance by the CPS on prosecuting Domestic Homicide. An important step, brought about by extensive discussions with us, the family and friends of Joanna Simpson who was killed by her estranged husband in 2010. Despite preparing a grave beforehand, her killer could be acquitted of murder due more »

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A week in journalism is a long time: the reporting of the trial and verdict of Max Clifford

As another high profile trial commences, with jury selection today (Tuesday 6th May 2014) for 12 charges of indecent assault allegedly committed by Rolf Harris, I would hope for better reporting than we have seen of the Max Clifford trial. This piece by Martin Robbins from the New Statesman on Saturday 3rd May, is without more »

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Letter of Complaint to the Guardian re: Chris Huhne

I am extremely concerned about the publication of the recent comment is free post by Chris Huhne entitled “Yes I was guilty, but I was prosecuted on the basis of Constance Briscoe’s deception” The piece itself contains several malicious statements that are, frankly, bordering on libel. It is also a checklist on how to spot more »

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Max Clifford has been convicted

We are very pleased with the verdict and sentencing in the Max Clifford sexual abuse case. The judge showed a very clear understanding of sexual violence: both the nature of sexual violence and the consequences of it on victims. Far too often of late, we have published comments made by judges who fundamentally misunderstand sexual more »

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Compulsory testifying for victims of sexual and domestic violence is Antithetical to Victim-Centred Justice

We are very concerned about the recent article by Amanda Marcotte in Slate which approves of the arrest as a material witness of a victim of sexual violence in Washington. The specifics of the case Marcotte references are here, however, rather than addressing that  case in particular we want to make our position clear on more »

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William Roache & claims of a “witch hunt”

Following the acquittal of William Roache of rape and indecent assault allegations the inevitable backlash is occurring. From the media reports since, office gossip to tweets the complainants in the case have been accused of lying and again there are calls for anonymity of rape defendants and claims of a “celebrity witch hunt”. Roache has more »

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BBC Radio 4 Today – the same, tired old rape myths dressed up as Flagship News

At Everyday Victim Blaming, we have become increasingly concerned about how the BBC, on radio and television, reports cases of violence against women and children. We have come across countless examples of the BBC reinforcing rape myths in their coverage as well as minimising male violence against female partners.[1] Coverage of the report “If only more »

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The law has failed: what’s next?

One thing has become clear from following the @EVB_Now Twitter feed and reading the fantastic submissions on their blog – the law regarding consent does not work. Hardly a day goes by without us being treated to another horrific story of a rapist walking free because there is not enough evidence to prove conclusively that more »

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He didn’t just “snap”

When I read headlines on Domestic Violence and they contain the immortal words; “He Just Snapped” – it will very often contain the following; “out of character”, “isolated incident”. The reporting of Domestic Violence is not doing anything to stem the flow of misrepresentation about this crime. Type “He Just Snapped” into Google, watch the more »

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The Jimmy Savile Transcript

The transcript of Jimmy Savile’s final police interview reveals the language used by a prolific paedophile operating under the nose of a viewing public. Described by the Daily Mail as ‘bluster’ it is not the denials, the blatant lies or obscured threats, but the confusing smokescreen, a deliberate un-stating of allegations which misdirects all listening. more »

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