Everyday Victim Blaming

challenging institutional disbelief around domestic & sexual violence and abuse


What happened here?

I feel guilty even posting about this, but two years ago my spouse and I helped organize a birthday party for a mutual friend (z). He booked a weekend at a rental and z started up a Facebook event page, where the activities planned included drinking, drugs, and very specific ideas like fanfic reading, hiking, more »

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Contributory negligence

This news blog entry is by a former professional journalist who often expresses right-wing views. In this article, she makes it clear that she feels that a rape victim was partly responsible for the crime committed against her (“A woman who had been allowed to get very drunk inside Misty’s was dragged into bushes along more »

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Drunk and in a relationship (content note for rape)

I was in a relationship with a person with substance misuse issues. As a result of his violent and unpredictable behaviour I stopped having sex with him because it hurt and I would feel violated afterwards. One night we went out and we got so mortal I was basically comatose. He anally raped me that more »

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