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New CPS Domestic Homicide Guidance

“Last week saw the publication of new legal guidance by the CPS on prosecuting Domestic Homicide. An important step, brought about by extensive discussions with us, the family and friends of Joanna Simpson who was killed by her estranged husband in 2010. Despite preparing a grave beforehand, her killer could be acquitted of murder due […]

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Men’s violence against women & obfuscation by the media

Recently an article was published on the BBC news website called Domestic Violence: One month’s death toll by Alex Morrison. It used the recent conviction of David Gikawa, who murdered Linah Keza last year, to ask how commonplace such crimes actually are. So far, so good. Domestic violence is a huge issue and it is […]

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Judge says child victim is “not the victim she claims to be”

I know from personal experience how challenging it is for women who attempt to have the abusers held accountable through the courts. The odds are stacked against us from the very beginning. The first step in the legal process is in reporting the crimes against us to the police, and as we know, most (estimated […]

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HMIC Report – Police Failing Women

This morning saw the release of the HMIC report on the failing by police forces to tackle domestic abuse. This is a national problem and the police are failing in their duty to protect the public. The number of women who experience domestic abuse are so high that it can be considered a pandemic. In […]

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HMIC Report into Domestic Abuse

The HMIC report into domestic abuse has been released today – and it contains few surprises to those working within the violence against women sector.Police forces fail when responding to domestic abuse – in fact, 4 forces have failed so badly that they have been asked to report separately in order to address their issues: […]

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Campaign Update: information from PCCs

As you are aware, we asked our supporters to contact their PCC and find out what they are doing about Domestic & Sexual Violence and Abuse. So far, most of the PCCs have assumed that we are requesting information under the Freedom of Information Act – and so have been able to decline our request, […]

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Compulsory testifying for victims of sexual violence is always inappropriate

We are opposed to any laws, criminal or civil, which force victims of domestic and sexual violence to testify against their perpetrator. We believe that the justice system must put the health and safety of the victim first and that it is inhumane and unethical to incarcerate victims for refusing to testify. We are extremely […]

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Marissa Alexander

i would just like to say a few things about the story I have just read about the Marissa Alexander case, firstly how is it that the woman was a domestic violence victim who was being beaten by a man can be sentenced to 20 years in prison, when she was protecting herself? The sad […]

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Compulsory testifying for victims of sexual and domestic violence is Antithetical to Victim-Centred Justice

We are very concerned about the recent article by Amanda Marcotte in Slate which approves of the arrest as a material witness of a victim of sexual violence in Washington. The specifics of the case Marcotte references are here, however, rather than addressing that  case in particular we want to make our position clear on […]

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An Open Letter to Amanda Marcotte (content note)

Admin: this piece is cross-posted from Nerd Grrrl Island An Open Letter To Amanda Marcotte [Note: I just came to learn that Amanda Marcotte herself is also rape victim. I’ll leave my piece as originally composed, as my feelings toward the views she espouses remain the same.] Dear Amanda, I know I’m only one in a […]

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