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In the News: rape culture, male violence and financial child abuse

What happens at a forensic medical examination following a rape or sexual assault via Edinburgh Rape Crisis Nobody wants to have a rape exam. No one. That is a realistic place to start. This is not going to be great – but it does not have to make your trauma worse.  I am a senior more »

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Letter to send to all candidates in general elections re: domestic and sexual violence & abuse

This a draft letter for people to send to all of their local candidates in the general election Dear x I am writing to you today to confirm your stance and commitment to ending domestic and sexual violence and abuse (DSVA), crimes in which women are the majority of victims. Violence against women and girls more »

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They Love It When We Beg

They Love It When You Beg. This morning I clicked on a link on BBC News and my jaw dropped. It actually dropped to the duvet. This is the piece. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-27497764 It is full of victim-blaming. The Government or as I like to call them the ‘Men Who Care Nothing For Women’, are about to more »

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