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Child Abuse

The term “child sex party” is inaccurate and offensive

This article appeared in the Sunday Mirror at the beginning of December. I only came across it when EVB retweeted it today. The headline is both misleading and offensive. It is precisely the kind of tabloid hysteria which makes it difficult for victims of sexual violence to get support or to report to the police. […]

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Not guilty verdict for a clearly guilty man

Hello, Having used all remaining reserves to get through my child’s birthday, Christmas and New Year, I am left feeling quite angry, in shock and within that a very real sense of despair. 35 years ago I was sexually abused by 2 men; one a relative by marriage, the other a boyfriend of my mother. […]

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Paedophile: Misleading language & child sexual abuse.

We have become increasingly concerned about the (mis)use of the word ‘paedophile’, particularly on social media. We wanted to write a short and succinct piece about the problems with using this word, and we’ve referred to Prof Liz Kelly’s piece Weasel Words: Paedophiles and the Cycle of Abuse and the Child & Women Abuse Studies […]

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#ManWeek: My first Love – How fathers will prevent domestic homicides.[1]

At Ending Victimisation and Blame, we support all campaigns that seek to end the epidemic of violence against women and children [2]. We believe that the answer to this epidemic lies in both the education of men to prevent abuse and the non-judgemental support of women and children through the NHS, social services, police services, […]

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Safety Advice and what it means.

EVB as an organisation are not against safety advice. We’ve written previously about ‘Stranger Danger’ and the misleading message it gives, but we wanted to reflect on the safety messages given to adults and what these mean. Safety messages are meant to be targeted at those undertaking risky behaviour – and with a quick 5 […]

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Dear LA Times, you mean child rape

Dear LA Times, You seem a bit confused in your article “O.C men Charged with having sex with underage girl”. What you mean to say was “O.C men charged with raping a child”. You see, sex requires the consenting participation of two people. A child of 13 can not legally consent to sex; therefore the […]

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The Mitigation of Men’s Violence *Updated*

  Zahid Akram was a teacher who admitted blackmailing girls into sending him sexually explicit photographs. He claimed to be suffering from depression and being in a considerable amount of debt. Currently adjourned for pre-sentence reports. Douglas Bailey beat his wife to death after a ‘row’ over the heating. The police officer commenting on the […]

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