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Child Abuse

In the News: rape culture, male violence and financial child abuse

What happens at a forensic medical examination following a rape or sexual assault via Edinburgh Rape Crisis Nobody wants to have a rape exam. No one. That is a realistic place to start. This is not going to be great – but it does not have to make your trauma worse.  I am a senior more »

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In the news – DV decriminalised in Russia and rape culture in British court rooms

Domestic violence reports soar in Russian city after partial decriminalisation by Rachel Roberts Reports of domestic violence have more than doubled in Russia’s fourth largest city since the Government reduced the punishmentfor spousal or child abuse from a criminal to a civil one. Police in Yekaterinburg responded to 350 incidents of domestic violence daily since the law was relaxed compared more »

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All victims need to be rescued

I had toxic parents. Once i saw a live video of a coach. She was talking about raising children.I loved what she said. She seemed like a safe person to approach. Yesterday she did another video. In it,she was totally against the idea of rescuing victims. I contradicted her. I wrote about how hard my more »

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The Scottish Write to End Violence Against Women and Girls Award!

The Write to End Violence Against Women Awards Nominations close on Sept. 30! Violence against women is often in the news. Its prevalence in society makes it a ‘hot topic’ for reporters and its complex nature makes it an interesting issue for feature writers. However, the fact that violence against women is so complex can mean that more »

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Refusal to pay maintenance is a form of child abuse.

Today is Father’s Day. Whilst the media, and all high street shops, celebrate men, we’d like to raise the issue of financial abuse of children. We want to talk about all the children in the UK currently living in poverty because their fathers, and it is overwhelmingly men, refuse to pay child maintenance. A report more »

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Poppi Worthington: back to the future of child protection politics by

Poppi Worthington’s happy photo – her smile, her baby teeth and fluffy red jacket – joins the gallery of children whose deaths have haunted the political history of childhood for half a century. These iconic infants’ lives and deaths challenge the approach to violence, cruelty and neglect by children’s services and police. Poppi Worthington brings more »

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Saying NO

My parents’verbal abuse nearly destroyed my ability to say NO.Or so i thought,until today.I was sitting quietly on a bench in the park,breathing fresh air and meditating.Suddenly,somebody i knew (only by having exchanged a few words briefly in the past) approached me and starting questioning me,disturbing my solitude.She asked me about my full name,why i more »


When therapy goes too far

Sometimes,mental health “professionals” also practice victim blaming.After my father hit me,i did everything in my power to expose him.That led to my first experience in therapy.I went to his office with huge expectations.I wanted not only emotional support and validation,i also needed practical help.Being a case of domestic violence,the doctor was supposed to report my more »


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