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Ched Evans

Responding to Rape Apologism in Women

This week we have seen a number of high-profile women supporting convicted rapist Ched Evans by suggesting the rape he committed was not violent (Judy Finnigan) and that we need nuance (Sarah Vine). We have also a large number of women using social media to defend Evans. We understand the temptation to respond to these more »

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Rape Culture in Action: A Response to a Comment

Normally, we simply hit the spam button when we receive similar comments to the one below. This one, however, manages to insert a number of rape myths into 3 short sentences. We have redacted the name of the woman from the post. We know it will be easy to guess who the post refers to more »

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Why @SarahVine Is Wrong About Rape & Saying So Is Not “Monstering”

(cross-posted from Incarnationalrelational) I am all for nuance in debate and discussion – nuance can and should serve to provide richer and deeper understandings when exploring an idea, a situation, a problem. Nuance is good. In the last couple of days there has been much reaction to Judy Finnigan’s comments about the footballer Ched Evans case on more »

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