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A ‘light-hearted look at who killed Lucy Beale’

BBC article: EastEnders: Lucy Beale’s killer – the likely suspects Having read the Counting Dead women project  I have come to understand that behind the statistics on the murders of women are the murdered women themselves. The women living their lives, striving for survival and happiness having their lives stolen by violent men. Karen Ingala more »

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BBC describes a woman reporting rape as making a “confession”

On BBC iplayer the caption for an Eastenders episode when Linda tells the police she has been raped, and gives a video statement as “Linda makes a brave confession”. Confessing to the crime of being raped? I made a complaint but what has that ever changed? Anyone else got to the point they feel like more »

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Once again, the BBC ignores journalistic guidlines on responsible reporting

TW: Sexual assault including full details. Once again, the BBC ignores guidelines on the responsible reporting of VAWG in favour of a titillating headline. Andrew Smart admits stripping drunk woman in Glasgow pub What this headline should read is Andrew Smart admits a charge of sexual assault but why report responsibly when you can get more »

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Child Assaulted at School by her Teacher a response to the BBC

One of the most poignant memories from my childhood is sexual assault aged 9 perpetrated by a ‘friend’ of my father’s whose children were my age, we played together, this means he knew my age. As I grew up there is no woman that I’ve met spoken to of these things who has not repeated more »

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Nick Conrad

There are days when I think journalists must live in a little community locked far far away from the people and issues they report on. I’m also pretty sure they must spend a lot of time reading their own notes and articles and nodding at their lovely jubbly cleverness rather than taking the nation’s pulse more »

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BBC: Adhere to responsible reporting guidelines on violence against women and girls

We fully support this petition created by Mel Jeffs demanding that the BBC follow guidelines written by the National Union of Journalists when writing about violence against women and girls. Far too often, the BBC publishes articles online with inappropriate headlines which minimise the sexual violence and fatal violence against women and girls. Earlier in more »

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The Medical Profession Still Doesn’t Take Womens’ Mental Health Seriously

A doctor has been suspended for telling a patient to kill herself. The case has taken three years to come before the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service. It started in 2011 when a woman patient went to the doctor about her medication and suicidal ideation. The doctor told her to go home and kill herself. ‘Shocking, more »

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Overt victim blaming on The Alan Titchmarsh Show

On Wednesday afternoon, when I got back from work I sat at my PC and watched the Alan Titchmarsh Show. I can’t say it’s something I’m proud of, but I was keen to see it as I knew Laura Bates of Everyday sexism was on the programme discussing whether or not sexism still exists. I more »

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The BBC and reporting male violence…Again

I seem to be on a mission with the BBC and their reporting at the moment. As with this article, some might call it inevitable. The problem I have with the article is part of a wider pattern of BBC reporting on male violence against women. Peter Foster murdered his partner. He killed a woman more »

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Complaint regarding BBC Breakfast coverage of the UCSB shooting, Sunday 25th May 2014

To whom it may concern, I wanted to make a complaint regarding the reporting of the UCSB shooting on Saturday 24th May, being reported on BBC Breakfast on Sunday 25th May 2014. I was very angry and disappointed that BBC Breakfast chose to report on this tragic case in a very irresponsible manner, entirely erasing more »

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