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Victim blaming by legal professionals; why the English courtroom is unfit for women and children

This is an open letter to the Attorney General written by a supporter of our campaign. They will be sending a copy of this letter to the AG’s office in one week. If you would like to sign your name to the letter, please write it in the comments under the post. You can also […]

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Draft letter to complain to Attorney General about Stuart Kerner ***UPDATE***

UPDATE:  The Attorney General’s Office has announced they will review Stuart Kerner’s sentence as unduly lenient. The decision will be published on February 11. We also chose to make a formal complaint against the judge for their inappropriate victim blaming comments that demonstrated a clear lack of understanding of child sexual exploitation and grooming. You can […]

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Writing to the Attorney General. Re: The Potential Unduly Lenient Sentence of Adam Hulin

Here is a draft letter to the Attorney General raising concerns about the unduly lenient sentence of Adam Hulin who pled guilty of the oral rape and sexual assault by penetration of a young girl under the age of 13 last month. You can find details on how to complain here and you can submit the complaint by […]

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