Everyday Victim Blaming

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The Chivalrous Violation of Women’s Bodies by @WomenCanSee

The Chivalrous Violation of Women’s Bodies by @WomenCanSee If women don’t want to be grabbed, pulled, & kissed, we should avoid the company of gentleman. It is a gentleman’s right to display “chivalrous” drunken behaviour: • moving to sit closely right behind the only other bus passenger- a woman…chivalry!; • leaning over her shoulder so […]

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Victim Blaming a mother

Last night I came across the story of a mother who had a horrible incident in Primark in Leicester. The mother was shopping with her twin infants, when one started to cry needing a feed. The mother found a quiet spot and began to breastfeed her 9 month old daughter, at which point she was […]

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Besotted vs Controlling

The Northern Echo published an article on March 15th with the headline “Besotted Darlington man behind bars after terrifying campaign against partner” The article was promptly challenged by Professor Nicole Westmarland who asked them to change the word ‘besotted’ to ‘controlling’. The online edition was updated very quickly. They also added a link to Women’s […]

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