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challenging institutional disbelief around domestic & sexual violence and abuse

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Everyday Victim Blaming is a not-for-profit organisation which relies on donations to keep going - all donations are reinvested into the campaign.

We can't do it without your help. Please sign up to support us today with a one-off donation or a regular gift. Together, we will end institutional victim blaming in domestic and sexual violence and abuse.

You can also help with the following:

1. challenging media misrepresentations and poor use of language on social media. We've seen a number of media outlets changing language like 'child sex' to 'child rape' when challenged with a single tweet.

2. Writing a post (as short or as long as you want!) naming and shaming media outlets which use inappropriate, misleading or offensive language here. Even one sentence pointing out victim blaming helps us keep track of the big offenders.

3. File a formal complaint directly with the publication or online news source. If you send us a copy we can publish the complaint on our website with your personal details redacted.

4. File a formal complaint with the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). 

5. Make a complaint to the Attorney General about an unduly lenient sentence in cases of domestic and sexual violence and abuse.

6. Buy online from retailers like John Lewis, Ebay, Argos, Apple, Debenhams, Toys R Us, Rymans, and Amazon using EVB's easy fundraising page!  Follow these instructions on how to help support us!

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 16.39.25There are lots of online shops signed up to the Easy Fundraising site, as well as insurance companies, mobiles, utilities, and travel!




You can also help financially support our campaign by buying a copy of our books:

Unknown-200x300Everyday Victim Blaming: Challenging Portrayals of Domestic and Sexual Violence and Abuse in the Media is a collection of essays, speeches, and critique of the representation of domestic and sexual violence and abuse in the media. The book covers rape culture, celebrity culture, male violence, racism, classism and victim blaming. It includes essays written by Karen Ingala SmithAlison Boydell, Joy Goh-MahSian Norris and members of the Everyday Victim Blaming team!






ISKRA: A Poetry Anthology has the very broad theme of violence against women and girls encompassing women’s lived experiences of male violence – particularly domestic and sexual violence and abuse.

Poets who contributed to the anthology are Roweena RussellBarbara Hughes, Khairani BarokkaAli BeeCat BroganStephanie CampisiNatalie CollinsEl Dia, Oge Ejizu, Acia Eve, Extreme Crochet, Rahila GuptaLynsey Hansford,  Claire Meadows-HaworthHuma Munshi, Jan Martin, Victoria M. Massey, Claire MooreClarissa Simmens, Debby Smith, Camilla Strand,  and others!

paperback  kindle


51VaSe1NIHL._UY250_Our third book What I remember – a collection of short stories is now available! It features short stories from Huma MunshiSian NorrisCamilla StrandRupande Mehta, Daniela Rudloff and others!






51cuF96RvYL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Did you know? – an anthology of women’s poetry contains poetry on domestic and sexual violence and abuse, as well as the consequences of male violence. It features writing by Portia Smart, Blef, @extreme_crochet, Prerna Bakshi, Jo Hewitt, Kate Kitchens, Sarah Marchant, Daniela Matthews, Holly Painter, Kelly Richards, Helen Ridsdale and Suzy Q.



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