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We host individual blog posts related to victim blaming, and Violence Against Women and Children.  We do not check all of the posts on every blog that we link to and we will not comment on posts that we have not specifically linked to. Any queries should be directed to the relevant author.

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Almost Diamonds

I am a False Rape Allegation Statistic

Breath Wind Spirit

The Hypnotist

Bobbie Oliver

The Pen is Mightier Than the Rape Whistle

Portrait of a Feminist Comedian

The Subtle Oppression of Women by Comedy


The DM and Victim Blaming

Cath Elliott

The stuff of nightmares

Rape in Marriage

UNISON women, the SWP, and the vote to support rape victims

Lifting the lid

"Just the women"

Rape is not…..

Assange, and feminism's so-called male allies

Justice for survivors

Crates & Ribbons
The Steubenville Case - When Will Women Start to Matter?

Reeva Steenkamp and Media Representation

The Power of Silence in Enabling Domestic Violence

Collette Winters

They Deserve All They Get

Eliza Do Lots

Domestic Abuse Is Not Always Violent

Fallen Female

On Rapists and Minding the Children

Feminist Current

The Steubenville Rape Case: This is Masculinity

We ain’t sayin’ she a golddigger: On Kasi Perkins as the catalyst to her own death

Safer Strolls: A New Progressive Way to Blame the Victim

For Harriet

Steve Harvey and the Problem with victim-blaming

The blame game: Rape Culture’s attack on our girls

Frothy Dragon and the Patriarchal Stone

#IbelieveHer: In which the Daily Mail forgets They’re Talking About A 9 Year-Old Rape Survivor

Dear Cheryl Cole, The Music Industry Already Forgave Chris Brown

#IbelieveHer : What #Steubenville Has Reminded Us About Rape Culture

#IbelieveHer: Rape Myths 101 AKA Not My Nigel

Georgia Grace

Georgia's Victim Blaming Artwork


Glasgow Sex Worker

Gender Inequality & Sex Work


Nick Ross & The Rape Apologist Style Guide

Victim Blaming and Logical Fallacies

Gradient Lair

Why The Rape Joke Conversation Remains A White Conversation

Can Black Men Understand Black Women’s Experiences With Sexism/Misogynoir Without An Immediate Parallel Made To Racism?


Nick Ross - If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck...

Regret : The abuse whitewash word

Savile: The Mainstream Media Continue to Skirt the Issue

The Silence that underpins Sexual Violence

She Should Have Kept Her Tits In

That Doesn’t Sound Like Rape to me

Maybe he just really, really liked you and needed assurance

You’re Not Like A Rape Victim

Incarnational Relational

CeCe - Punished for not being killed?

Just a South African Woman

Victim Blaming in South Africa

It's Just not Feminine

Steubenville and CNN: Perpetuating of Rape Culture

Jane Fae

Male Violence

Jersey Ric

We are far too lenient with online sex offenders

The Term 'Child Prostitute'

Media Anti-Victim Prejudice

The Media and Child Porn

Karen Ingala Smith

Counting Dead Women

Left Eye Right Eye

Its Heresay I know, but not all men are actually rapists

Louise Dillon

We need to talk about Nigella

Many Small Voices

But He Has Never Actually Hit Me

Michelle Fines

Bullying and Violence - an anecdote

Bullying, Violence and Provoking It!

My Elegant Gathering of White Snows

Nick Ross - Not all Rape is Rape

Another Family Annihilator

Rihanna is not responsible for Chris Brown's Violence

Ceri Fuller - Just another Family Annihilator

Mick Philpott: Just Another Violent Man

The Guardian, Reeva Steenkamp and Celebrity Culture

Her Name was Reeva Steenkamp

Jimmy Savile Did Not Groom the Nation

Apparently Murdering Your Wife is Not Sufficient Reason to Lose Custody of Your Children

The Problem is Male Violence

2 More Family Annihilators Being Glorified in the Press

“Underage Girls”: Victim-Blaming by Proxy

Justin Lee Collins: Just Another Right-On Dude

Family Annihilators: Victim-Blaming at its most offensive

Not a Zero Sum Game

Why is it Victim Blaming to Talk about Rape & Alcohol?

In all the excitement about victim blaming, rapist blaming is a declining activity

Logical conclusion of victim blaming


Troublesome Transport For London

Victim Blaming

Not So Quiet Feminist

A Guide for Victim Blamers

One Dame's Thoughts

Nick Ross - Myth Perpetuator

Laying Blame at the Right Door

Portia Smart

The Wounded Helper


Silent No More

Rocket Science Apparently

Behind the news story

Waiting for the verdict

Supporting victims of abuse

Emotional Baggage

Sarak Keenan

Law cannot determine whether Assange is guilty of sexual assault

Sarah Libros

Body Shaming, Dress Codes & Victim Blaming


Rape Avoidance Advice on Facebook Just Upholds Rape Culture

I’m Done Being Polite on Victim-Blaming

Anti-Rape Campaigns, Men and Offence

Slutwalk, Feminism TM and the Daily Mail

A Classic Case of Victim-Blaming from the West Mercia Police

It is never her fault

Don’t Presume

Clare’s Law isn’t Good Enough

Stalking isn’t romance: It’s violence

On How Women are not Wallets and Why Media Feminists Must Not Parrot Rape Myths

A Round Up of Rape Culture Stories

How does the media report stories of murder of women

#JusticeforChed is rape culture

Rape Culture and Victim Blaming starts in the classroom

Consent, Statuatory Rape and the Daily Mail

Remember when you were 15

Daily Mail Fail

Things Too Cool For You

Paul Elam, Rape Apologism and Wilfully Failing to Understand Women



SiriusXM Broadcasts ClearChannel Support for Trans Murder

Vision Asperger


Vonny Watts

Nigella Lawson - Why Doesn't She Leave?

Women Under Siege

Eight reasons why victim blaming needs to stop: Writers, activists and survivors speak out

How media can help stop rape

A competition of suffering: Male vs Female rape

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