Everyday Victim Blaming

challenging institutional disbelief around domestic & sexual violence and abuse


The resources we have collected are by no means exhaustive. We've collated this information for people who are interested in furthering their knowledge of domestic and sexual violence and abuse. If you are working with victim-survivors, it is essential to undertake specialist training.

These books / research papers are recommended reading alongside our training.

Lundy Bancroft, Why does he do that? Inside the minds of angry & controlling men, (Berkley Pub, 2003)

Nancy Berns, Framing the Victim, Domestic Violence Media & Social Problems (Transaction pub. 2008)

Nina Burrowes, The Courage to be Me, (2014)

Nina Burrowes, Responding to the Challenge of Rape Myths in Court: A Guide for Prosecutors

Meda Chesney-Lind & Lisa Pasko, The Female Offender, (Sage Pub. 2012)

Gavin De Becker, The Gift of Fear, (Bloomsbury Pub, 2000)

D. DeVito, A. Gill, D. Short, Rape characterised as genocide, Sur: International Journal of Human Rights, 6 (10): 29- 51. (2009)

Carol Dyhouse, Girl Trouble, (Zed Books, 2014)

Brid Featherstone, Susan White, Kate Morris, Re-imagining child protection
Towards humane social work with families, (Policy Press, 2014)

Aisha Gill, ‘Honour’ Killing and Violence: Theory, Policy and Practice, (London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014)

Lynne Harne, Violent Fathering and the Risks to Children: The Need for Change, (Policy Press, 2011)

Marianne Hester, Who does what to whom? Gender and domestic violence perpetrators. (Bristol University, 2009)

Michael Johnson, A Typology of Domestic Violence: intimate terrorism, violent resistance and situational couple violence, (Northeastern University Press, 2008)

Liz Kelly, Surviving Sexual Violence, (Polity Press, 1988)

L. Kelly, J. Lovett, & L. Regan. Gap or a chasm? Attrition in reported rape cases. Home Office Research Study 293. London: Home Office, (2005)

Kimmel, "Gender Symmetry" in Domestic Violence: A Substantive and Methodological Research ReviewViolence Against Women, vol. 8 No.11

Claire Moore & John Woudberg, The Lady In Red: Original StagePlay (Tallheart Pub, 2013)

Laura L O'Toole, Jessica R Schiffman, & Margie L Kiter Edwards, Gender Violence (Interdisciplinary perspectives), (New York University Press, 2007)

Rachel Pain Everyday Terrorism: How Fear Works in Domestic Abuse, (University of Durham & Scottish Women's Aid)

Jennifer Perry, Digital Stalking: A guide to technology risks for victims, (Pub, by Network for Surviving Stalking & Women's Aid)

Claire M Rensetti, Jeffrey L Edleson, & Raquel Kennedy Bergen, Sourcebook on Violence Against Women, (Sage Pub, 2010)

Janice Ristock, Relationship Violence in Lesbian / Gay / Bisexual / Transgender / Queer Communities: Moving beyond a gender-based framework, Violence against Women Online Resources

Natalie Sokoloff & Ida Dupont, Domestic violence at the intersections of race, class and gender: challenges and contributions to understanding violence against marginalised women in diverse communities, Violence against Vol. 11 #1

Evan Stark, Coercive Control. How men entrap women in person life, (Oxford University Press, 2007)

Women's Aid, Virtual world, real fear: Women’s Aid report into online abuse, harassment and stalking.

Rape Crisis Scotland produce a monthly newsletter which we highly recommend.

We also recommend reading research and articles written by the following:

See also:

International Protocol on the Documentation and Investigation of Sexual Violence in Conflict: Basic Standards of Best Practice on the Documentation of Sexual Violence as a Crime Under International Law.

Women Under Siege:

WUS is a journalism project that investigates how rape and other forms of sexualized violence are used as tools in genocide and conflict throughout the 20th century and into the 21st. Originated by Gloria Steinem, it builds on the lessons revealed in the anthology Sexual Violence Against Jewish Women During the Holocaust by Sonja Hedgepeth and Rochelle Saidel, and also in At the Dark End of the Street: Black Women, Rape and Resistance—a New History of the Civil Rights Movement from Rosa Parks to the Rise of Black Power by Danielle McGuire. In the belief that understanding what happened then might have helped us prevent or prepare for the mass sexual assaults of other conflicts, from Bosnia to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, this Women’s Media Center project is exploring this linkage to heighten public consciousness of causes and prevention. We highly recommend WUS blog.

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