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No, a woman being killed by her husband with a hammer is not an opportunity for a joke, by Marisa Bate

A 52-year-old man has been found guilty of bludgeoning his wife to death with a lump hammer when she refused to make him dinner.

Jamal Khan told Preston Crown Court that when he asked his wife, Humera, who was sitting her at her sewing machine, if she had prepared him food, she replied, “Do it yourself monkey.” Khan said he found that “gravely insulting”, so much so, he took a hammer to her head and killed her causing “catastrophic” head injuries.

I was reading this news story via the BBC twitter account last night. Some people might quickly scroll past such a headline, but I have a heartbreaking habit of lingering on precisely such headlines, and probably far too long.

And when I began to look under the BBC’s tweet to see the comments below, I came across Jordan.

There he was, grinning face, pint in hand, just a normal lad, probably in his early 30s, with bugger-all followers and clearly a first-class sense of humour, which I quickly derived, like a sleuthing Poirot, when I spotted his tweet: “She should have known her place… in the kitchen!”



This article was originally published by The Pool on 108.17. You can find the full text here.


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