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will life ever be different bullying escalating and will i be free hope so.

This weekend when to my children's old respite foster carers for a visit. I have to move my children's school out of the area because the bullying has got worse. I was discussing with them the bullying and behaviour of the local authority they work for as respite foster cares. They often have not seen the other side of foster caring and how social services treat families and children in the W area. She was shocked and an eye opener for her and she kept telling me your a really good mum. Often you don't think that because they treat you like your scum scraped on their shoe. She can't blame me for leaving the area to find another school for my kids. Sunday went to church but even talking to so called Christian friends often the bullying hasn't stop because conversations aren't confidential I was describing to her how the bullying has escalated when they came outside asda to gorp at me and my daughter waiting for a taxi. The other day we went in a taxi to the opticians while in the car a blue car 0would not move in front of us even no their weren't any other cars in front of them. I told my Christian friend about the blue car when i'm walking around by my home and in the street at uni that they put the foot down to intimidate me even when i'm with my child when I cross to go over to the other campus .

On Monday afternoon another of the Christian people again asking me questions about my past and how I felt about the bullying it's not worth talking about it nobody listens or cares how I feel. Today this morning I was visiting the new school out of the area to protect my child from constant bullying and no support walking up the road to the school two cars going up and back down the road putting the foot down whether they went past us. We got to go around the school with the head he said that he received paperwork from the other school even though we've been given a letter to say they have a place tomorrow they are going to do an assessment he still said he has to discuss with others heads in the c area to see if their suitable for the school I said but you sent this letter saying each has been offer a place. Then walking down the road all away to the train station same thing happening again same cars going up and down the streets putting the foot down when they went past us. I got fed up at this time and really in my loud voice i'm sick of the bullying and intimidation. In the end I had to go of in the wrong direction. on the train and back up to L because i'm sick of it. When we were waiting at the train station one of the car's revved up again and let the car park to make sure we could see and hear it.

On Saturday at the respite carers I talked about how the bullying is affecting me considering they came towards up In a car and my daughter went over her wedges and nearly hurt her foot I strapped up the foot the Christian friends didn't show any care or support. It's like one of them said when I confronted about confidentiality about my safety and children safety so what it wasn't intentional don't they care any of these people about my children's safety or mine. Today it's started of little bit by little bit the bullying to escalation and nothing has been resolved I asked for someone to mediate with the chief constable of Y Police but he nor any police officers have ever knocked on my door to resovle this. On my twitter I had X police who was doing a webinar I asked for them questions but haven't heard from them I just want to start a fresh for me and my children to work with the new school and a different police force to be able to start a respectful workable relationship for all professionals involve and not to feel bullied or intimidated. I keep wondering when will this all end when will the new year I thought would be such a positive start to a great year for me and my children but right now not sure. Will we be ever safe will hope be gone who knows not to sure even writing this right now my computer internet went of half way through when hope is always their for things to get better for me and mt kids at the end of the day they will always come first.

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