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Victim blaming from the police

After I was raped, about ten years ago, I somehow found the courage to go to the police. I gave a statement and asked for a few days to decide whether I wanted to press charges or just let it sit on record in case anyone else complained about my attackers.


After a week I went back and told them I didn't want to go ahead with pressing charges. The (female, so you'd hope she would know better) police officer I spoke to said "That's a good idea, just put it down to experience", as if I'd had sex consensually and then changed my mind or something.


At least I had the guts to look her in the eye and explain that I was scared they would kill me or my family if I pressed charges, and that I didn't think my mental health could stand going through all that.


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One thought on “Victim blaming from the police

  • Emma Stone says:

    You are so brave for going to the police, knowing your limits and standing up to victim blaming. I find your story truly amazing. Thank you.