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Social Workers Fears

I had a call from our local social services requesting that one of their social workers visit to find out about domestic abuse.

The social worker called into the project three times, then disclosed that she had been sent to "sort out her life".

The social worker explained how she had an argument with her partner. She had pushed him and he had slapped her face.
When she got to work, she was still upset about the incident. As her partner had gone working away, she was unable to resolve or discuss the situation with him.
Her co-worker asked her if she was ok as she seemed a little distracted. She shared the above with her.
Immediately the co-worker got up and said I have to report this as you have a 3 year old child in the house.
She was called into her managers office and told if she let him back in the house when he returned, they would be looking at care proceedings for her child and suspend her from work.
They also told her they would be looking at her suitability for her job as a social worker.
Not once in the month she was going through this did anyone offer her support, or show an ounce of compassion.
When she resigned her job she was told if she applied anywhere else, this incident would be on her record.
Shame they don't practice what they preach.



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