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Social work Dept blames victims

Have you seen some of the victim blaming being pushed by Professors of Social Work at the University of Edinburgh through their moral panics blog

http://www.donotlink.com/ccih (this is a clean link)

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2 thoughts on “Social work Dept blames victims

  • Hecuba says:

    Vivienne Cree author of this female hating article makes some deliberate omissions in her essay because she fails to state National Vigilance Association was but one female organisation set up in the 19th century by women who campaigned to have males who sexually preyed on female children criminalised. The issue was not a ‘moral panic’ as Cree claimed but one of widespread male pseudo sex right to rape/subject female children with impunity because men’s legal system blamed girls and women for males’ sexual violence perpetrated against them.

    Cree’s article endorses male neo-libertarian claims that ‘female children have agency and choice’ which neatly negates the fact male sexual predators commonly operate to gain a pre-teen/teenage female’s trust before these males subject them to rape and male sexual violence. Perhaps Cree believes that 5 year old female children also have ‘choice and agency’ because men for centuries have always claimed ‘female children and women are the sexual aggressors who commonly entrap innocent adult males!’ The issue is one of male pseudo sex right to females as well as males exploiting their considerable power over female children.

    Cree proves she is anti-female and ‘panders to the male sexual predators’ by stating this in her article: ‘Secondly, I am concerned about the negative implications for men in general and Asian men in particular that arise from this report, as well as the repeated suggestions in the report that officials were afraid to act because of fears of being accused as ‘racist’.

    Cree attempted to hide her real agenda by including Asian men but that is a deliberate diversion because she refuses to accept the facts and that is 99.9% perpetrators are male and they are to be found within all ethnicities/races/class etc. Male pseudo sex right to sexually prey on females of all ages is sacrosanct and yet at the same time it is hidden in plain sight.

    Cree claims she is an academic but that in itself is no guarantee she is an expert on the issue of pandemic male sexual violence against women and girls. Cree demonstrates she like so many neo-libertarians selects which small fragments of womens’/girls’ lived experiences she wishes to acknowledge and ignore the rest because they focus on male accountability.

    I highly recommend reading The Real Facts of Life by Margaret Jackson because this book provides extensive evidence and analysis of how and why First Wave Feminists engaged in a very lengthy campaign to have mens’ legal system finally criminalise males who sexually preyed on female children and the links beween male sexual violence against adult women.

    Sigh we are still stuck in the same situation as when the First Wave Radical Feminists commenced their long, long campaign to have male sexual violence against women and girls made public. The same old male lies are being repeated and as usual we have women supporting/endorsing male pseudo sex right to sexually prey on women and girls because women and girls have magically so much ‘choice and agency.’ This is male patriarchal reversal because the ones who have always had ‘choice and agency’ are males.

  • Cari Hole says:

    I was formally’adopted’by my biological mother and my abuser. Not once was I taken independently from my ‘parents’ earshot & asked what I wanted.
    I suffere over ten years of physical, emotional, psychological and sexual abuse and 40years of shame because a ‘social worker’ couldn’t be bothered. Others let me down, teachers, adults in general;, but that was their job. #everyoneneedssomeonetoblame.
    so why not blame the victims? You know we’re easy targets, who historically don’t fight back. . You picked the wrong survivors