Everyday Victim Blaming

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How come a woman can be raped, beaten, humiliated, branded, tormented, stalked and harassed by evil and when they finally confide in someone and begin to trust they are betrayed and shamed?

Their darkest most intrusive shames are told to everyone, so everyone knows what she is, what she suffered? How is that fair?

She's the one that's hurt, but while yet again, the evil comes off free and clear, she's the one they will all be laughing at and talking about, isn't justice wonderful?



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One thought on “Shamed

  • netminnow says:

    It is so hard and lonely not to feel supported, especially when you’ve been kicked when already down. What I had to tell myself as a crime victim who was bullied in the workplace as well, was G~d was my witness. That the bullies were part of what made the victimization of my murdered parent and our family’s suffering possible to begin with. That I would at least know where I stood with the honest villains even if there were a hundred around me. And that NOTHING about me or my loved ones justified what happened. We all have at least one or 2 unquenchable qualities of the Spirit. I decided on a couple of mine knowing, even with all my deficits,they were undeniable. And held onto that Truth. I journaled and also found a place on line that dealt with the circumstances I was grieving. I live rural so internet was big for me and might work for your situation right now as well. I am on Twitter & learned SO much about bullying, going from surviving to thriving as a victim, speaking out for justice issues of every sort. Connecting to those before and those who sadly follow us is big too. We are the Human Chain that can help pull you clear of the swamp of despair. Thank you for reaching out and I hope you’ll take our hands <3