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Protective Child Services

My husband, the father of my daughter, chased my daughter down our driveway in his truck. He nudged her with the truck.

I lived in DV along with my children for 19 years.

Had called the police and had him arrested several times.

I had tried before to leave with the help of the local DV center and the courts, however, he retained an attorney, and suddenly it was all my fault.
However, after attempting to run her over, I went to the local DV center, again, the courts and DSS.
I was placed under intense scrutiny and had to jump through far too many hoops b/c CPS did not believe my son, who witnessed it,my daughter the victim or me.
We were victimized by him, and CPS.

The second time in the court system was a victory, I couldn't get legal aid. They gave me a packet detailing how I should "defend" myself in court.

I did REPRESENT myself in court and won custody and a protection order.


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One thought on “Protective Child Services

  • Admin says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us Teela. We believe you.

    We find it really frustrating that women suffer so disproportionately within the CJS, and within the family courts – who are meant to avoid this kind of thing.

    We’re glad you won your case – GO YOU!

    Thanks for your support, here’s to a peaceful life for you and your children x