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No, it is not a ‘witch hunt’!

If I hear the phrase 'witch hunt'one more time, when alleged child sexual abusers are being arrested, I think I will scream.

It can take CSA victims decades to find the courage to speak out about their abuse and for it then to be called a 'witch hunt' is extremely insulting to each and every one of them.

They come forward to hopefully receive justice, closure and to protect other children going through the horrors they experienced.

[Added by Admin - we have a great post on our website about the term 'witch hunt' here & one of our team has written for ITV News about historical cases here]

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One thought on “No, it is not a ‘witch hunt’!

  • Tasha Yar says:

    As a CSA survivor myself (molested by my babysitter multiple times over three years), I understand how important closure is, but it’s not closure if there isn’t a fair trial. That’s how claims of a “witch hunt” gain currency. It was important that I was able to finally tell my parents and face my abuser, but I didn’t get closure until I saw him convicted by an impartial jury. My validation came from society’s due process, not feom a Lynch mob.