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No excuses for abusers

My father is a violent alcoholic whose best friend abused me sexually. I have since found out that his cowardice extended to allowing my brother to be abused and then beating him because ' you deserve it '.
My father takes no responsibility for his actions against my mother, me or my brother. We have broken all contact with him because he will always try to manipulate to gain what he wants, basically a free ride.
When confronted he will say his childhood was hard, depression or blame my mother, anything but take responsibility. A loving father does not abuse, kill, rape or anything else. We need to stop making excuses for evil and name it for what it is, evil, then maybe we can identify and stop it before tragedy occurs.



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One thought on “No excuses for abusers

  • Hannah Buchanan says:

    My heart goes out to you. I hope that writing this down has at least provided a crumb of comfort. HIS childhood was hard? Why not learn from it instead of repeating the cycle then? And what about your life? He seems very selfish Kerry.

    Well done for your courage.