Everyday Victim Blaming

challenging institutional disbelief around domestic & sexual violence and abuse

More abuse by the system that should be protecting us

My abusive ex left over a year ago, no contact whatsoever since then. SS got involved when my daughter disclosed he had abused her. I have 6 children, we were all getting support from CAMHS, then in March this year the LA took me to court to get an Interim Care Order, then in May the judge granted removal of 5 of my 6 children, and for my abused daughter to remain with me until they located a theraputic placement. She is still with me nearly 6 months on!

So why did they take them? Because they say I knew about the abuse, despite my daughter telling them i was unaware, and apparently i cannot parent them or understand their emotional needs.

We have had NO help or assistance from the LA desptite them having to hand a system that gives support to families such as ours!! The reports are full of lies and twisted information!

Surely families should only be parted as a last resort, and until then, all efforts should be put into helping and supporting the families?


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