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Melanie Shaw & the consequences of child sexual exploitation

By David E P Dennis FCIPD LCGI RAF

The amount of child and adult sexual abuse being revealed is not an epidemic but a plague. Collusive behaviour by anyone in power who supports paedophilia enables secret abuse to go on. There is no mandatory reporting. Social Services are understaffed and underfunded and that state mirrors the police. Corrupt police and local authorities, MPs and ministers take stances to fold up their moral spines for a quiet life, or they bravely oppose. The UK child protection system is broken. Victims of that system are shut down and imprisoned or ruined.

Two examples – Terry Armstrong lost his house after facing up to the abuser of his children so now he lives in a tent on land he still owns while the home has been taken from him. Read his story and his letters to the authorities here:

Melanie Shaw languishes in prison after reporting child abuse in Nottingham.

How can we get it so wrong? To find the weak and vulnerable and abuse them just a bit more (or a hell of a lot more) so that we feel a sense of power over them whilst protecting our own corrupt backsides. Aren’t we clever? Aren’t we truly great?

In this process the law, justice, humanity – they all become corrupted. Right-minded parents would not tell their children: ‘Listen darling, when you grow up try to find some innocent people and make their lives hell – it will give you a really great feeling.’

Let’s take a look at the case of Melanie Shaw.

On Saturday 13th September 2014, I went to Chris Tuck’s great conference on how to survive abuse and during this event we discussed the relationship between poor health, mental health, learning difficulties and the opportunity to abuse. We know that Myles Bradbury, a paediatric haematologist Cancer Specialist at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge may have abused 800 children with cancer to feed his perverted self-centred sexual ego. We know that hundreds of mentally vulnerable girls were groomed in Rotherham. We know that all children in children’s homes are technically vulnerable because of the emotional state of not having a family. They need to be loved and cared for - but not by paedophiles. Paedophiles fill the gaps in the State’s care.

Our Prime Minister David Cameron and other politicians concerned about Scotland leaving UK, have offered greater locally democracy.

If we bind these two concepts together – greater local freedom and greater local perversion – where are the checks and balances? Can’t get rid of your PCC? Don’t trust your police? Local Safeguarding Board rubbish? Social Services untrustworthy? Better not have unpoliced local democracy then!

Now Melanie Shaw is a vulnerable adult (within that legal definition) a person who has been abused. She has been bullied in prison. She is scared. But her big mistake in the eyes of Nottinghamshire’s local democracy was to witness abuse and then say it out loud.The council has been in charge of Beechwood Children’s Home.

Look at the difference between vulnerable Melanie Shaw and famous Samantha Morton. When police are told about abuse at Beechwood the court removes Melanie, but when Samantha says something, they begin to investigate it. But even there the police were reticent at the start.

Here it is in all its gathering horror and corruption – yet another Rotherham:

Here is the Melanie Shaw Petition information. Please read it and make your mind up:
Here is a quote from the UK column's report on the matter: Members of the public present at the hearing in Nottingham Crown Court on Friday 25th July 2014, described a muddled hearing in which the prosecution simply failed to present evidence, despite the Judge prompting them with references to a finger or palm print. In what was described as a fumbling statement to the Judge, the prosecution excused the lack of evidence and promised it would be available 'shortly.' Despite the absence of evidence against her, her status as a vulnerable abuse victim and her importance as a key witness to widespread child abuse, the Judge was happy to place Melanie on remand, at a prison in which she has already suffered bullying, strip searches, denial of her NHS medication and disorientation through repeated relocation between cells.

The rest of the report can be read here:


Considering the fact that Melanie Shaw has not been charged with anything, and is vulnerable, leaving her in prison, where she is being bullied and is in fear, is completely unjust and uncalled-for and is putting her at risk and harming her mental health.

There are widespread concerns that this shaky and unrealistic trial and imprisonment have been put together because Melanie is an abuse survivor and witness of abuse at Beechwood Children's Home in Nottingham.

And, if she is left in prison and continues to suffer, her deterioration may be used against her to discredit her. It is inevitable that a vulnerable adult will be frightened and under stress in an environment such as the one she is in, and as a result will deteriorate, especially as it appears she is not being treated well or well cared for, and the reality is, she should not be in prison for months when she hasn't been charged with anything.

It is extremely common for police and authorities to have little understanding of the distress and trauma that abuse survivors go through and to use such distress against the survivor and treat them as if they are seriously mentally ill and label them as such. I understand this may be what is happening or will happen in Melanie's case, and this may be why the police and courts excuse putting her in prison without charge, but the reality is, even if she was seriously mentally ill, prison is NOT a suitable environment for someone who is seriously mentally ill to the point of needing to be locked in, it is a place where any such illness would only get worse, and, mental illness is not a crime to be punished in such a way.

There is no excuse for Melanie Shaw's imprisonment and there is no excuse for the way the police and authorities have treated her. She is a vulnerable abuse survivor not an evil offender, and she needs to be released and return to some normality in her life before the harm done becomes irreparable.

Here is another article on Melanie's case, written by 'We are change Edinburgh':


There is no doubt in the eyes of the public that things are very amiss with the handling of this case, and that as a result, a vulnerable adult is imprisoned, suffering at risk, when if she has not been charged, the best place for her to be, for her own wellbeing, is at home.
Please join us in asking for Melanie Shaw to be freed. Please sign the petition.

Thank you.

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5 thoughts on “Melanie Shaw & the consequences of child sexual exploitation

  • Anthony Lee says:

    i wish this woman the very best of luck! There is something seriously wrong with the safeguarding of vulnerable people!

  • Paola Kellman says:

    As someone who has suffered abuse Melanie Shaw is a vulnerable adult. She should not be in prison because of her ‘whistle blowing’.

  • yvonne:family nameTaylor says:

    I am supporting Melanie in this quest for justice, all we are seeing is reckless criminality from this private for profit french Sedexo prison. melanie is NOT alone there are many in there in the same situation , held in the most dangerous prison in the UK a concentration camp imio. Lynne portues is another victim of this gross injustice and reckless criminal injustice and endangerment and intimidation A20467H E1-05. I am in contact with her via telephone. they are bullied and given red cards for being on the phone too long to their next of kin with full power of attorney without having had the rules explained to them or an induction. they are serving setenses without trial, this is gross human rights violations, and criminal. melanie was thrown down stairs, she has a leg ulcer and is being given jay cloths to use as bandages, the honey she was sent to cure her leg, thrown in the bin, and its very expensive honey. Im outraged bejond beliefe. Im a retired elected Town Councillor of 17 years service. Our country is being run by criminals.

  • Patricia says:

    The bravest, most beautiful lady of us all. we all need to get her out of there.

  • Terry O'Neill says:

    This is a most despicable situation. And I find myself so angry, so disgusted by the whole situation, that a few empathic words written here are just not enough. Something needs to be done, and I am more than willing to do what I can. Any ideas would be gratefully received.