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Inside A Sacred Temple

In the fragile state of being
there is a something new,
growing awareness
slowly trickling in

A tiny spark
yet not so small
found only with protectiveness

It is different from believing
one is special
It is separate and yet not
from protecting another's heart

It is not a secret and yet it is unseen
and in that tiny spark
lies a growing feeling

Just like a rape victim loses the sense
of the sacred temple,
then learns the truth of being special
but still can't feel it fully

Untouched by deadly hands
in the lack of being used
there exists a discovery when under test

The pressure high, very demanding
the threat real in life
to withstand each and every move
is to find the truth
of the knowing that special is
something to feel

To be your own hero
is to protect the sacredness
of self, in mind, body, heart and soul
allowing all to stand in unison, under test

In more ways than sexuality can imagine

In the fragile state of being
there is a something old returned...
the truest strength
found only in being self, uncompromised

Special is a quiet celebration


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