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How the police dealt with my rape case

When the rape case against my ex boyfriend was dropped, the police said that they wouldn't be able to prove that it wasn't just a misunderstanding.

They said although I would ask him to stop each time he raped me, I hadn't kept asking throughout the experience, or said it loud enough or in a tone of voice that would help him realise he was raping me.

So according to the police it was my responsibility to make sure my rapist understood what he was doing to me.


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One thought on “How the police dealt with my rape case

  • Hecuba says:

    Trucknroll the excuses those police offered was appalling. One wonders if police routinely inform male victims who have been subjected to physical assault by a male perpetrator that they not the male perpetrator is responsible for preventing said male from attacking them!! But police do not condemn male victims for failing to say ‘no to the male attacker loudly enough’ because onus is on police to investigate the case not enact judgements.

    You can if you wish, make a formal complaint to the Independent Police Complaints Authority concerning those police officers’ failure to investigate thoroughly and for subjecting you to ‘victim blaming’ given such claims are not supposed to be uttered by police.

    However, I do understand that making a formal complaint all too often only results in the police as usual being exonerated, because Independent Police Complaints Authority is not an independent organisation but is a sub section of the police.

    So it continues with tails men win heads men win and police continue to hold women accountable for mens’ decision to subject a woman/women to rape.