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False arrest

I have been arrested twice for allegation of harassment, but the actual man was harassing me.

I have had to move house, sell my car and change my mobile number - but yet the police have failed to help me and when he makes a complaint about me - false allegations - they arrest me, (he keeps getting me arrested as I have been exposed to his secret life).

I don't know where to turn for help as I may be charged with harassment this time. He has connections in the police force.....what can I do?

Please help me out with advice.


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3 thoughts on “False arrest

  • Admin says:

    Hi Aaisa. Thank you for sharing with us – we believe you.
    There is help available for stalking and/or harassment: http://paladinservice.co.uk/contact-links/these services may be able to advise and support you.
    You can also get a free initial interview with most law firms should you wish to consult a solicitor.
    Please let me know if we can help you any further xxx

    • aasia says:

      but i am the one who has been arrested, and not him,
      i have changed house, sold car, change my numbers, but they still arrested me ( i have been exposed to his life which i shouldnt be and this is the only way he can control me )

  • Mary says:

    Sorry to hear this. My rapist has alleged harassment against me twice, the first being a set-up by him and his brother. I have had some positive redress from a complaint to the police standards authority and suggest you do the same. I believe you. This is classic abuser tactics. Be strong.