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Being curious about the world is a positive characteristic for me. I'm interested in how things work, human relationships, politics, lots of things. I actively seek out those things I'm curious about. I read the news, blogs, books, talk to others, share my views & listen to the views of others. I'm happy to use the Internet for almost all of those -it's amazing how many kitten videos I can watch when I'm procrastinating!  So curiosity is a good thing, i feel.
I'm not 'curious' about indecent images of children (legal term). I use the Internet *a lot* and I've never managed to 'stumble' upon any, either. If I did, I'd report it to the IWF.
Nick Ross has commented that he's curious about 'child porn'. We're back to the use of an incorrect term that minimises what has actually happened.
When someone 'curious' views 'child porn', what they are actually viewing are images of children who have been sexually abused and raped. Nick Ross calls this 'fuss'.
In my view, we should be concentrating on the reality behind the screen - the reality that children are raped, assaulted & beaten, in order for those images to be shared with others who find these images arousing.
Nick Ross has shown (again!) that he is ignorant, misguided and wilfully distracting from the reality of child sexual abuse & rape.
He's also a racist, judging by his comments in the Telegraph.
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