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Child Rapists – How Police Protect their own.

[Added by Admin - we have heavily redact this piece in agreement with the original poster due to it containing information that could be used to identify individuals]

I have agonised over whether to add to this.

I really do understand the need for campaigning & activism.

For decades I tied to get [redacted] police to acknowledge historic child rape.

As a boy I was systematically raped & sodomised from age of 6yrs to 10yrs of age by a teacher, & his clergy & police accomplices (amongst others).

From the 1980's I could & repeatedly DID identify the teacher by name, address (& obviously profession) to [redacted] police officers & did so over many years, becoming more vocal since 2004. I was always subjected to belittling, ridicule, threats, intimidation, bullying from EVERY [redacted] police officer I encountered. Dozens of [redacted] police officers were complicit in not only covering up the historic child rape, but aiding in covering up multiple incidents of further dishonesty, abuse & misconduct of dozens of [redacted] police officers involved.

Over the years I have tried to get help from the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC). I even BEGGED IPCC to examine a 6hr video tape witness statement against the police made in 2010, to countless [redacted] police misconduct, abuses & criminality including reference to the historic child rape & repeated police covering up...The IPCC simply ignored me. [Redacted] Police buried the evidence tape ...despite a freedom of information act request.

I even tried to enlist the help of my [redacted] MP, I'll not be voting for them ever again!

When the Police Commissioners took up posts I tried to get help from [redacted], but his office just ignored, poured scorn & belittled my attempts. My PCC seems far more interested in covering up police corruption & dishonesty than providing the public with a police force that even remotely protects us, the victims of crime ...from them, police perpetrators of crime!

Over the years I have written to HMIC, CPS, the Prime Minister office, Home Secretary, local judiciary, I've lost track & despair ... the result always the same



In 2013 absolutely disgusted by the homophobic & corrupt [redacted] constabulary (top down) & the prejudice of [redacted] LGBT organisations, I approached [redacted] police.

In just one week new new police established information about one of the child rapists I had been identifying to [redacted] police for decades but I had been systematically ignored & vilified by [redacted] police (top down). [Redacted] police (in particular their CID, COG & equality/diversity unit) had repeatedly subjected me to intimidation, threats & ridicule, (they sent information back in 2006 saying it was not their job) abuse, intimidation (The police legal dept. threatened me with prosecution unless I removed the information from the internet) & homophobic attitudes & prejudice over this historic child rape & other issues raised with them of [redacted] police abuse & misconduct, hate crimes, both gay & HIV related.

But the new police revealed that one of the abuser child rapists I identified repeatedly again & again to [redacted] police, but was ignored by them, had been convicted of abusing six other children under the age of 16yrs old. This was at the same time he had repeatedly raped me as a 6-10yr old child. (To my factual knowledge six child victims was merely tip of the iceberg of his & his clergy & police officer rapist child victims).

Oh, by the way, despite conviction for abusing six children...he was NOT sent to prison. Some might conclude him being a teacher, a Mason & having police child rapist accomplices clearly had its advantages for him.

Since I mentioned a police officer was one of the teachers child rape accomplices...all further police investigation has been dropped.

I became a gay equality & HIV awareness campaigner in the 1990's & over the years I have been subjected to a voracious homophobic & HIV related hate campaigns, which have included death threats & threats of physical violence, & denial of the reality of HIV/AIDS & homophobic institutional & GAY community prejudice & discrimination that my former partner & I (as his lover & carer) went through in the 1990's.

Tragically, much of the hatred & hate crimes directed towards me in more recent years has come directly from some in the gay population in [redacted], in particular 'so-called' LGBT organisations overly influenced by the deeply corrupt & deeply homophobic [redacted] Constabulary.

In particular, hate abuse from some who frequent a particular bar in [redacted] & some from [redacted] Pride Committee. Likewise, contemptible hatred & abuse directed against me from within the vile & a particular loathsome LGBT organisation based in [redacted].

Many of my internet posts were forcibly removed as a result of a court order obtained as a result of a civil action against me in 2013 by a particular member of the gay population in [redacted]. I had no legal representation to fight the case.

A gay person who (amongst other things) wished to cover up that they were present when I gave over 6hrs of video witness statement evidence against police in 2010. This video evidence against police included my AGAIN raising with [redacted] police my having been a historic child rape victim from when I was aged 6yrs through to age 10yrs.

This historic child rape of which I am a survivor, despite acknowledgement from the new police in writing has & continues to be covered up by EVERY vile, corrupt & deeply dishonest [redacted] Constabulary officer encountered or have been informed since 2004...and that includes three former [redacted] Chief Constables.

[Redacted] police & the office of the PCC have gone out of their way to cover up this historic child rape carried out by a teacher, clergy & police officer over many years when I was a child of 6-10yrs old and the relentless police victimisation which has followed. The court order obtained in 2013 forced the removal of many of my internet postings, but did also bind the gay person from further intimidation of me.

Since 2004 the voracious hate campaign & vendetta by [redacted] police against me as an outspoken person has had an extreme, adverse & debilitating affect upon my well-being & health.

[Redacted] police attempted to silence me by having me assessed (to be sectioned), but it was established by a Consultant Clinical Forensic Psychologist that I was NOT mentally ill, but that I had suffered a 'Catastrophic Trauma'
re: “ similar to that observed in those faced with repeated life threatening situations”.

Any wonder 'Catastrophic Trauma' after repeated attacks by [redacted] police since 2004 resulting in several suicide attempts. These suicide attempts SPECIFICALLY due to [redacted] police misconduct, intimidation, bullying, homophobia, dishonesty & the dis-information & malfeasance circulated by [redacted] police against me.

What had followed since 2004 were physical assaults (multiple) upon me, attempted extortion against me, criminal damage to my property, death threats, threats of physical violence against myself & others close to me, verbal abuse & internet hate campaign intimidation ALL instigated & actively encouraged by the actions & misconduct of [redacted] police & those LGBT organisations which aided in & contributed too the hate campaign against me....which has left me medically diagnosed as a 'Severe Agoraphobic'.

One of the results of the homophobic police hate campaign was I was as a gay man I was banned from [redacted] Pride.

Since I have NOT been charged or prosecuted for ANY criminal offence in a court of law in ALL the years since I came out as a gay man in 1989, I queried 'why' I was banned, but the then treasurer of Pride, who HAD been arrested & charged with criminal offences was not only welcome at [redacted] Pride, but was still in post as its Pride treasurer?

Denial after denial spewed out of [redacted] Pride committee, along with a voracious online hate campaign against me contributed to by some Pride committee members & others in the [redacted] gay population associated with [redacted] Pride. All m were in denial of the (then) [redacted] Pride treasurer's arrest & him having been charged on multiple criminal charges. As late as late 2013 shown texts sent still denying the former Pride treasurer had been charged with any criminal offences & facing criminal court prosecution, yet a case involving this person is due in Crown Court soon.

.....and there are those in the [redacted] Pride committee & in another [redacted] LGBT organisation who still continue to persecute me.

Specifically due to the hate campaign against me I now have nothing to do with any of the [redacted] gay LGBT organisations in my area.

Earlier this year the Red Cross concluded I was a 'person in crisis'. So abusive, veracious & debilitating has been the [redacted] police instigated hate campaign against me since 2004. Various organisations are shocked & appalled at the hate, threats, abuse & misconduct against me

....strangely, none surprised at the [redacted] police catalogue of misconduct & abuse against me!

There is not one single police officer in the entire [redacted] force who I would trust. The culture is embedded with dishonesty, corruption, misconduct, criminality and homophobic attitudes I have repeatedly encountered from police officers and is protected by senior [redacted] police officers to the present day.

Let me make this absolutely clear:-

“The conduct of EVERY [redacted] police officer encountered since 2004 & the conduct of those responsible within LGBT organisations in [redacted] has contributed & been complicit in far more abusive, more debilitating, more violence against my spirit & soul, damaging to my health, than anything the multiple paedophiles did to me when they raped & sodomised me over a period of years from the age of 6yrs to the age of 10yrs”.

So you may understand I really really do realise the need for greater awareness, but police like [redacted] Constabulary (top down & PCC's) are part of the problem & absolutely NO PART of the solution

Yours sincerely

Here is another case that is similar to mine. Note how long it took for the officer to be prosecuted and brought to justice.

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3 thoughts on “Child Rapists – How Police Protect their own.

  • Gill says:

    Oh my goodness, what a dreadful account. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. It’s simple-raising awareness, sticking your head above the parapet, speaking your truth is a hassle (not my view at all) to the very people and organisations there to assist, rescue, punish the abuser etc. They have their policies and procedures but the application and attitude is an entirely different matter…..

    I hope you find some way forward that helps you live a more peaceful life in the future. How can you free and save yourself, Mr Banks (as in the recent film)? Goodness knows you deserve it.

  • Gemma says:

    There are people who will stand by you but police firefighters and clergy seem to have a tight brotherhood. Why don’t they also have a mentality to punish those within of horrible crimes.they wouldn’t concieve of their own children being treated this way but protect those who do such heinous crimes

  • Another Victim Survivor says:

    This BBC news broke today : Note how police treated victim & the Devon & Cornwall paedophile police officer was allowed to continue in his youth leader role http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-devon-26286940#?utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=twitterfeed