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Car Vandalism

For the past 3 weeks, I've awoken to find that someone has vandalised my car. Week 1 - culprit cracks my wing mirror. That's not too bad, it's only a minor thing. Week 2 - (I assume) the same culprit takes a sandbag from nearby roadworks, and dents the back of my car (fair enough, it's only cosmetic). Now, week 3, I find not only phase they actually prised the glass off my wing mirror, but they've also taken the mirrors off seven other cars along the street, including my fathers. I rang the local police station to report the crime, who said because there's no CCTV footage that they can't really look into the problem, but they then also had the audacity to say it was my own fault for parking across the road and not on the drive (yeah, because my parents park there which means I cant). I know its not exactly on the same level as murder or GBH, but this is the sort of thing that makes people lose faith in plod.


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