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CAFCASS portray perpetrators as victims

I just wanted to share my own experience. All though my former partner was found guilty of many accounts of abuse, the CAFCASS officer has gone out of her way to portray him as a victim, and minimise the abuse.

The report offered to the court was filled with errors, and may as well have been written by my partner. None of my concerns were recorded.

Everything is on his terms, and contact is being pushed through. I feel sick. My only option is to state that I can't handle contact. I'm not sleeping well, and feel anxious at the thought, but if parents say they cannot handle contact, it leaves them vulnerable, to being portrayed as unstable.

When mothers have been abused for years, and their partner's never took an interest in their children, and are only persuing contact as a means of control, of course mothers will feel anxious, and afraid.

The whole system is wrong. I think it's awful, nobody really cares about children in the UK.

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One thought on “CAFCASS portray perpetrators as victims

  • Nichola says:

    I have a very similar experience of CAFCASS and Social Services. My children’s father emotionally abuses them. He has been charged with serious sexual assaults on me. The children have all witnessed him being physically violent and abusive to me. Yet apparently their fear and anxiety stems from me. And I have to work on not showing them my feelings. The courts abuse our children as much as their fathers do.