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Bullied on twitter again

I ve just been on twitter again were a so called advocate was blaming disabled people who have been raped.Disagraceful blaming disabled women/men children of being raped abused. Often perpetrators go after the vulnerable who cant fight back. They see a disabled person and always think their carer is so wonderful to take care of this person.When in fact the disabled voice is lost never to be listened to or be heard. The carer becomestheir voice and the person can then go through abuse violence can go on for along time because professionals either dont care or believe that person.Who cares about a disabled victim nobody their voice their abuse becomes another stastic their not seen as a human being or a viable witness especially if they have a learning disability or mental health.Sad that ive been physically unwell today to get bullies say crass things on twitter about disabled people who ve been raped.sad that the professionals who are bullying me see its ok to put things on twitter to hurt me. Like i say who cares another person to blame about their rape things are not changing for victims who are disabled in this country we are still being blamed harrassed into silence Lynda


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