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anger avoidance

I do several things to avoid anger.

Don't message any men friends (stopped using facebook)

Don't wear leggings (men looking at bum)

Don't wear make up (why are you wearing that slap?)

Why dye your hair?

If he want to eat only half of something i must eat the other half.

Why do i use towels not tampons....wherever i go he has to go too (once stood outside loo door and i couldnt go for a week!)

Now i dont care anymore i just tell him im 39 not one of his ex teenagers and he cant tell me what to do and he can f off (he still follows me about though)

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One thought on “anger avoidance

  • Admin says:

    Thank you for sharing this anger avoidance – I’m sure lots of our viewers will empathise with you. We believe you.

    If you would like support to deal with these issues, we have a list of organisations who can support you on our Get Support page.