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Just another example – in Australia – relating to revenge porn & classic victim blaming

A link to this article on a so-called “revenge porn” inquiry in Australia was submitted to our site. We don’t use the term “revenge porn” as it implies that people who release intimate images videos without consent are entitled to ‘revenge’. The release of these images is sexualised violence. There is NOTHING that a victim […]

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.@BBCthree response to our complaint about #sexontrial – complete with victim blaming.

This is the response from the BBC to our complaint about the program Is this rape? Sex on Trial. The limit on characters means we cannot put in a proper evidenced complaint. We will be raising this issue further, but we encourage everyone to send in formal complaints so that the BBC understands the breadth […]

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Victim blaming

Have had the most horrific experience today involving abetting with a group Of professionals. Having had stalking and violence for the past 20 months. I was told by the chairperson that I need to stop playing the victim and get stronger about the intimidation my ex continues to display. I was accused of not moving […]

A Week of Victim Blaming in the Media

This is a round-up of some of the interesting media coverage of male violence against women and girls this week. Here is The Metro once again demonstrating that they are incapable of differentiating consensual sexual relations between adults from child rape:   The BBC remain incapable of naming the victim and instead using grossly offensive […]

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victim blaming at its worst

I grew up with toxic parents.As an adult,i had to cope somehow with my traumatic memories from my past.As a form of healing therapy,i go to the park everyday.I choose a remote bench and i just sit there and meditate for a few hours a day.Recently,a psychopath is following me everywhere i go.He is terrorizing […]

Victim Blaming a mother

Last night I came across the story of a mother who had a horrible incident in Primark in Leicester. The mother was shopping with her twin infants, when one started to cry needing a feed. The mother found a quiet spot and began to breastfeed her 9 month old daughter, at which point she was […]

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Complex Trauma theorists are victim blaming

Trauma theorists like Bessel van der Kolk blame victims by arguing that survivors of child sexual abuse with Complex PTSD have ‘poor affect regulation’ and ‘maladaptive coping mechanisms’. Theorists ¬†are mistaking overwhelming pain for faulty coping abilities. This is a way of denying the pain and damage. It’s a claim that the child had a […]

Another comment submitted to the site which replicates victim blaming attitudes

We frequently get comments submitted to our site which are meant to be supportive by actually replicate the same victim blaming attitudes we campaign against. This is a recent example: Perhaps more worryingly, you are allowing your bf to continue punishing you for what happened. He is evidently carrying a lot of insecurities himself from […]

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