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Poppi Worthington: back to the future of child protection politics by

Poppi Worthington’s happy photo - her smile, her baby teeth and fluffy red jacket - joins the gallery of children whose deaths have haunted the political history of childhood for half a century. These iconic infants’ lives and deaths challenge the approach to violence, cruelty and neglect by children’s services and police.

Poppi Worthington brings something else to this mournful gallery. Her case is dynamite, since it is about sex and death.

Three decades ago these deaths provoked radical reform of Britain’s child protection systems. Sexual abuse was added for the first time to the inventory of concerns that should trigger intervention and investigation.

Instantly, there was crisis and political retreat. The case of Poppi Worthington exposes decades of political bad faith about child sexual abuse, the decline of child protection systems and the disastrous dominance of the police. ....

This was first published on Feb, 2 2016 at 50:50 Democracy. You can read the full article here.

Inspired by our participation with the Write to End Violence Against Women awards organised by Zero Tolerance, we are now collecting examples of good journalism and writing about domestic and sexual violence and abuse to make it clear that it is possible to write about DSVA without resorting to myths, misrepresentations, minimisation and victim blaming.

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